Cerebral Vasculitis and CNS Vasculitis

17 years ago In 1999 was diagnosed with a Disease of brain and the Neurologist called it Isolated Angiitis and after a couple of years he changed the name of the disease to Cerebral Vasculitis and now after looking at a few things it's call CNS Vasculitis . So I was just wondering if they are same. The problems I have are all the same.

While I'm here I thought I let you know in 2008 I came down with Testical Cancer and the Chemotherapy caused bad seizures and they say it was due to the Neurological problem and the Cyclophosphamide that I'd been taking for 20years

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  • As far as I know they are the same. I was diagnosed with cerebral vasculitis in 1997, after falling ill in 1994. But it seems to be the same as central nervous system vasculitis = CNS vasculitis, or Primary Angiitis of the Central Nervous System. My story is online at


  • I have been diagnosed with cerebral Vasculitis back in 2016 in the spring. I had stroke like patterns in my brain. My head felt like it needed to explode from the pressure! I was only 34 n healthy. They have no idea how it came on other than I'm going through a bad divorce currently too. Then my problems had just started so stress was very high the year before to the day I landed in the hospital. They had no idea what was wrong for 3 days. I know my blood pressure was sky high too. I could barely talk or even think or read. They wanted me to be still with no stimulation in the hospital. Since then my memory has not been great I forget easily and I've only had a few normal headaches. But like I said I'm completely under the most stress I think I can take now....... how many people had a relapse from the first time?? Symptoms same when came back??? Or did you know your triggers?? Mine came out of know where other than I believe I was more tired a wk before it started. Other than that I don't recall anything different.

  • Cns vasculitis , can affect either just the brain or the central nervous system as a whole.

    And depending on the areas of damage caused by this system can cause u life long symptoms.

    You just have to overcome the acceptance part to go forward, you might never be your true self again.

    One term that sums vasculitis up truly is..".

    It can be anything from an annoying rash .......... to death and anything in between.

    All that means is the things you read about will differ from your symptoms , as every case is different.

    You just have to pay vasculitis and it's symptoms a great deal of respect, because if u don't your quality of life will more than likely be reduced.

    Speaking from my experience..



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