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Cyclophosphamide Side Effects Good and Bad

I had a Vascular autoimmune disease (Cerebral Vasculitis) with my brain and one of the medications that my Neurologist put me on to stop the vascular problem from growing into all areas of my brain was Cyclophosphamide. I was on the Cyclophosphamide for 10yrs and the growth stopped in all areas and vessels have been rebuilt. He told me of the side effects of the Cyclophosphamide medication and they seem to have all happened. Infertility which I was made aware was going to happen within three months which it did and Cancer. 9yrs later I had Testical Cancer, while on chemo I had a Bone Marrow problem. Now 6yrs later I have Type2 Bladder and Bowell Cancer which I've only had a few lymph nodes removed but will have to be checked at this stage every 3mths for the rest of my life The Cyclophosphamide did its job with my vascular problem with my brain which is the most important but it’s other side effects, fertility and cancer happened and is still with me. I know all medications may have some sort of side effects good and bad and I know Cyclophosphamide is very beneficial and it helps as well. ie I’m still alive and I know it others may not have gone through the side effects like myself as they may have a good immune system. I was just seeing if others have gone thru similar side effects.

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