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Tiny blisters on lower eyelid

Hi, I have WG and recently developed tiny blister looking nodules in my lower right eyelid. They come and go. They don't hurt so don't think they are styes. Saw an Eye consultant who wants to scrape them off as they have blood vessels in them. Do you think they could be related to my Vasculitis and has anyone else had them. I have had WG for 10 years and this is the first time these have appeared. I asked if it could be to do with Vasculitis but she didn't know. Thankyou

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If it's like a stye, I would not worry. It could be just a sign of stress.

But if you see any changes on the eye itself, any part of it, go and see an ophthalmologist and/or mention it to your rheumatologist. I have WG and eye involvement. This is not common but is a symptom of WG. It can be treated easily with cortisone ointment/drops.

Also, if you take oral cortisone regardless of dose, you need to have your eyes checked regularly as cortisone can - but must not - induce glaucoma and/or affect eye pressure.


Thankyou MrsCarroll. I was referred to the plastics ophthalmologist by the dermatologist who has put me on her list for the scrape. I also go to the eye clinic every year to check for glaucoma. I am also on 7.5 pred. I see my renal consultant on the 23rd so will see what she thinks. Thank you for your advice. All good wishes to you. I will keep a close watch on my eye.


Hi Skipper.. It may be totally unrelated but should be picked up by your GP but it may be cholesterol deposits (fatty deposits) they can appear on other parts of the body but are often found on the skin just under the eyes or often on the eyelids themselves . A friend of mine gets them from time to time . She finds them totally painless but obviously would rather they weren't there from an aesthetic point of view..

Just a thought!! Hope you find an answer soon. Try not to worry


Hi BooBoo. Thankyou for your feedback. I am having a cholesterol test later this month so will be able to check the results. Do cholesterol lumps have blood vessels in them? All good wishes.


No, these yellow deposits around the eyes are called xanthelasma and they are small deposits of fat directly under the top layer of skin, nowhere near a blood vessel. They are neither harmful nor painful and don't necessarily indicate a problematic cholesterol level.


Thankyou MrsCarroll


Dear Skipper,

First of all let me say that 'specifically' I don't know/can't comment. However I do have a number of 'blotches', 'skin tags', 'warts', 'odd growths' and so forth all related to my condition, or the treatment there of. A number of these, for want of a better word, 'growths' have been removed ,by scrapping, burning etc. My 'gut' feeling is....Be very carful around the eyes but, if this is carried out by an expert, then why not try it? Done correctly, by a specialist, there is nothing to lose and, quite possibly, a lot to gain. Basically- yes go for it! (I have to say, regarding 'Cholesterol Lumps' having blood vessels-absolutely know idea.....Hopeless aren't I?).

I hope all goes well, for you Skipper, I sure that we all do. Please keep us 'posted', will you?

Warmest wishes AndrewT


Thankyou Andrew. I am awaiting a small op appointment with the plastics eye surgeon so I should be in good hands. EXpect I will have to wait ages though as it isn't considered urgent. I too have had lots of growths taken out, probably due to being on azathioprine for a long time. I am now off it because of my skin. Will let you know when I have any more informAtion or have had them removed.

I wondered if anyone else had


Them. Probably nothing to do with Vasculitis but am curious to know.

All good wishes, skipper


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