WG Kidney Damage, will other parts of the body be effected by the WG??

Some hope please!!!!!!!!: My 49 year old husband was admitted to hospital with sudden onset Kidney Failure and has been diagnosed with WG, he is having ten treatments of Plasma Exchange ,dialysis and so many drugs we can't keep up with them all. It has been a real shock to us, someone cheer me up! will the Vasculitis spread to other parts of his body?

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  • One cant say definitely no, but it would seem most unlikely, going by other peoples experiences Ride the storm it will get better


  • It is definately stormy weather! thanks for your reply xx

  • When I was first diagnosed with WG I had seven sessions of plasma exchange and in my case it helped and brought the WG under controll and is now managed by medication and regular blood tests and checkups with my consultant, I was 47 when diagnosed about 2 years ago, I wish you both the best of luck. James.

  • He is havingplasma exchange for ten days and has had 6 treatments so far but the consultant today said he wasn't seeing much improvement and that whilst they will carry on with the drug treatment it was looking likely that he will have to have permanent dialysis and go on the list for a transplant.... isn't it a bit soon to be thinking about that he only started the treatment with the drugs ten days ago?

  • Hi I am sorry to hear that that your husbands consultant has made that diagnosis only after six sessions of plasma exchange and so soon since the drug treatment has started, I hope things improve, I know how worrying it is half way through this treatment, again I wish you both the best of luck and that you get some more positive news.

  • Sorry to hear about your husband. I too had kidney failure and dialysis when I was first diagnosed with Vasculitis and I know how frightening it can be for all the family. I was diagnosed in 1997 and it has not spread to any other part of my body (so far!!).- keep you spirits up because it does get better - honest!!!

  • Thanks for your reply, we have a 7 year old little girl who is finding this all a bit hard but we are trying to take it one day at a time...xxx

  • Hi Its a shock when this happens in the family. I too had Plasma exchange and Dialysis at first but my kidneys started to work on their own and even though they are still only at 25% its better than nothing. I am told that the vasculitis can spread to other organs but we just have to be posotive about this horrid illness.

    Best wishes to you both


  • How long after your plasma Exchange and drug treatment did they see an improvement in the kidney function? My husband's consultant is already saying it isn't helping after just 6 days? and is talking about kidney transplants already ! xxx

  • Hi I had abput 7 days treatment before there was any sign of omprovement. I hopr your hisbands consultant isnt hoping for magic results(if only) I understand you cant have transplant until you are on Dyalisis 3 times a week. I would investigate further and this site will help/


  • Thinking of you and your family, stay positive.


  • HI Sharon, how is your husband today? Being diagnosed with WG is like a kick in the teeth, for all involved,but it does get easier,you start to adjust. Unfortunately because of the lack of knowledge etc it can be hard to diagnose,and some of us are only diagnosed when something as frightening as this happens, it did with me.Not my kidneys,both my lungs and a few other places. I was given very little hope, but i am here and i am still fighting.Does he have a good DR? Have they been in touch with one of the specialists?

    I hope he is doing better today

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