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Missing a dose of methotrexate

Hi all

I am after some advice please! I have Churg Strauss Syndrome, controlled with methotrexate, with Plaquenil. At the moment I am struggling to shake off a nasty bug, sore throat, dry cough, slight cold and now painful sinusitis in both ears leaving me pretty deaf in both ears....apart from feeling sorry for myself I am wondering if I should miss todays weekly dose of methotrexate to allow my body more of a chance to see this off. Doctor here is kinda difficult to get hold of so I am consulting you lot!

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Its a difficult one to answer this, ideally you should talk to your consultant or specialist nurse. How long have you been suffering with this 'bug' does your consultant know you are suffering, as you are doing??


Hi Sarah,

I am concerned that you may be having a flair of your Churg Strauss rather than an infection. Have you had your bloods done recently? Do you have a specialist nurse you can contact?


You do have to check with your doctor! However, in the past I was told to let go my weekly dose when I was also taking antibiotics due to an infection and/or had a fever with a virus but no antibiotic, and when I had a tooth extraction.


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