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Hi can anybody recommend an hospital/specialist  in the London area.  I have been under the Leeds general infirmary for 16 years with cerebral vasculopathy.  I have had predisalone for eights years also had cyclophosphamide, my last treatment was retuximabe.  I am moving from Leeds to London (Enfield) and would like to know if anybody can recommend a hospital/specialist.  Any information would be appreciated.

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  • There is the Hammersmith, Thomas and Guys and the Royal Free. So you have a choice. All three have Vasculitis clinics and the Hammersmith is also a multidisciplinary centre for treating Vasculitis. There is also a Dr Kidd, he is a neurologist, but not sure where he is based but will check with one of my colleagues. 

  • Suzym2u and Keyes. I attend the Vasculitis Clinic at Royal Free, and am extremely satisfied with the specialist care I've received there. However, when given a diagnosis of GPA and faced with a choice of different immunosuppression therapies, I was surprised that they didn't have any patient information leaflets on Vasculitis, Rituximab, Cyclophosphamide, Steroids or Vasculitis UK. I've seen such leaflets routinely given out at other hospitals. Would you be able to liaise with the Vasculitis Clinic at Royal Free to supply them with such leaflets, as I think it would be a helpful support to patients attending the clinic and day ward. I did specifically ask staff if they had any leaflets, but they said they had no such resource available. Thanks.

  • Hi, 

    I am Susan's colleague and here are Dr Kidds details!

    He is very personable and takes a special interest in Cerebral Vasculitis. It might be worth asking your current Consultant if they can recommend anyone. 

    Good luck.  

  • I cannot recommend Dr Kidd highly enough. You need to go and see him urgently. It's about £275 for a private appointment if you do not want to wait for the nhs. 

  • Thanks very much for the information.  I will be asking my consultant for any recommendations.  It is nice to have some information from other people. Thanks once again. Louzoejf29

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