THE HARD COPY "ROUTE MAP FOR VASCULITIS" will be available to buy from the 14th of May 2012

The 112 page hard copy of the Route Map for Vasculitis will be available to buy from the 14th May. The cost will be £10 a copy, to include post and packing. They will be available at the AGM on Sunday 13th May for £8 a copy.

There will be a pdf copy available on request at a later date.

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  • I would like a PDF for me and a hard copy for my dermatologist please . If you could let me know how to make the payment. Thanks

  • If you private message me with your email and postal address I will send you both..but it will have to be after the 14th May. :-)

  • i too would like to have a pdf copy please

  • can you send me your email address by private message please.

    Susan :-)

  • Dear all,

    I might appear stupid but what IS a 'PDF' copy????? I know I should know, these things, but........Can someone 'enlighten' me.....Thanks!!

  • We send it to you by email and you download it onto your pc and you can print it off in sheets of A4 if you choose too. :-)

  • might be a stupid question, but i didn,t know what it was either, so thanks for asking i,m sure there are many of us who wouldn,t know , i,m in the mature age group and using a laptop is -for me, slow going, I learnt many years ago that whatever question one might ask,there will be many others wanting to ask it to . so well done and keep asking.

  • Could you send me a P.D.F. copy of the route map .Your commitment to the cause is much appreciated .Hope John is now at his optimum level of wellness

    Cazy G

  • Hi Could please have both hard copy and PDF form of route map for vasculitis.

    could you please let me know how to make payment etc.


  • I would like a pdf copy, I am new to the group located in the U.S.A. what method of payment do I use?

  • if you go to on the home page you can download the Route Map. Hope it is helpful to you. The benefits and work section will probably not apply as you are in the US but hopefully everything else will be. :-)

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