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I would like to know, please, Has any doctor who treats you for your Vasculitis ever advised you not to have a tattoo?

I would like to ask a question, because so many people who have Vasculitis do ask me this question about tattoos on a regular basis. As far as I am aware "no doctor would give his approval for an unnecessary procedure that has the potential to expose anyone with Vasculitis to infection". I also believe some of the ink dyes are Carcinogenic.

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Is a very good text about what can happen in tattooing including the most common infections. Infection risk is reduced by using a good and reputable tattoo artist - but cannot be excluded. The skin is broken and takes time to heal - there are risks in the community too. We are warned to avoid many infections where possible because of the medications used which reduce the effectiveness of our immune system.

In our personal context of vasculitis - there is reasonable evidence that a tattoo itself can actually trigger various vasculitides. There is considerable risk of allergic reactions to certain inks. Either way, if you have an autoimmune disorder it would seem reckless to indulge yourself with a tattoo whose interaction with a rather dodgy immune system is unknown.


Thank you for your reply. I also thought there would be an element of risk. I shall read the link.



I think it is wise not to have a tattoo because of risk factors in my opinion


I haven't read the link yet, but when I asked about a tattoo recently, the only reason I was given not to have one was because my immune system had dropped too low due to an infection. I have Wegener's Granulomatosis (GPA) and had a CMV infection.

My immune system is now back to where it should be for me, so I may have the tattoo. If I do, I'll let you know how it goes, or what advice I'm given :)


I have GPA and had a small tattoo done 7 years after I was diagnosed and 11 years ago. No problems at the time with healing and infection and none noticed since. I would have been on aza at the time, can't remember if on pred also. It never crossed my mind to check with a doctor before having it done! I did use a very reputable artist though.


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