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Vasculitis is discussed on the Jeremy Kyle programme today

Not sure if anyone has seen the Jeremy Kyle Emergency Room programme but there was a lovely lady, called Annalisa, on the programme today discussing her Vasculitis , Polyarteritis Nodosa . this is the link

First time John Mills has ever watched day time TV :-)

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Well, that was a first for me, to watch ITV Player, not used it before so it was really good to be able to watch something interesting that I missed.

Thanks for the link & best wishes to Annalisa, maybe she's a member here?


Annalisa is a member in the face book group, I will ask to see if she is a member of HU and if not I will ask her if she would like to join :-)


Just watched this....and my heart goes out to brave Annalisa. She is obviously having a very difficult time, and I'm sure everyone will recognise her problems with the steroids. One question though - why was no other treatment mentioned? There was no discussion about chemos like cyclophosphamide, or biological drugs, and her only option seemed to be the steroids and morphine to keep her pain under control. I don't know very much about PAN, but is this a very extreme case? This could really frighten some people who are recently diagnosed.


I think in the time allocated they were only interested in the here and now.. it would seem Annalisa suffers with Cutaneous PAN which is extremely rare and extremely painful , but it does not seem to have affected her systemically. We will ask her some questions in a day or two



Well done to Annalisa, that's not an easy thing to do, for going public about your illness and struggle. Best wishes.


Thank you for informing us about Annalisa on the Jeremy Kyle emergency room programme. I did not see it but managed to pick it up on catch up. I also felt there was so much more she could tell hoping she could get the support she needs. I also have PAN I know everyone is different but I do empathise when she speaks of the pain and the weight increase due to the steroids plus other side effects that were not mentioned. I wish her well and if there is anyway I could help I would be pleased to do so.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for all the encouraging, hugs,messages I have received from so many members . We stay in a difficult place still at the moment my husbands operation was cancelled and it maybe done a week later so. Two weeks time again perhaps the surgeon is waiting until Christmas and then he can let him have his op as Christmas present.

It's very important to stay positive however that in itself is a challenge. I am sure things will change soon!.


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