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Dr Andrew McClean from the Birmingham QE Hospital will be speaking at the Vasculitis UK AGM in May "Fatigue and Vasculitis"

Dr McClean will be talking about his recent extensive research study "Fatigue and Vasculitis" This research study has taken 2 years to complete... see pages 11 and 12 Autumn newsletter 2012.

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Shall be there. I am very interested in the outcome of the research Andrew has undertaken particularly as I was a little part of his research.

Plus it will be good to meet Andrew under different circumstances :-)


me too Jacqui :-)


didnt know we had specialists in vasculitis in Brum, my wife is being treated at solihull hospital and happy with whats being done but would love to see a specialist. is this something we can ask for on NHS or would we have to pay ?


Birmingham QA led by Prof Lorraine Harper... it is on the NHS... you can ask your GP for a referral kimmw but if your wife is being treated appropriately and is keeping well then there should be no need to change... you can always discuss this with your GP...or John if you would like too... 01629650549...

take care



where is the AGM in may ?


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