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After intensive tests, consultations and an iron infusion I have decided to go ahead and risk having a mastectomy with removal of some lymph nodes.

The communication between my Rehumatologist, surgeon anaesthetist, diabetic nurse specialist and breast care nurses I do feel the best way forward is a mastectomy. This is scheduled for Monday morning.

I had an extensive interview with my anaesthetist and he said he would be the person to do it and has booked me an ITU bed so as he put it I will get the best care possible.

The cancer aspect isn't worrying me as much as my issues with the Vasculitis. After the operation the arm exercises I have to do to prevent a frozen shoulder etc. Due to the pain I am struggling now to do some of them, plus the compression stockings I will have to wear again due to pain of neuropathy I am unable to have any pressure on my feet and legs. However necessary due to a history of embolisms.

Has anyone else had these issues if so can you help me to put a plan together to incorporate all that I need to do.

Unfortunately exercise is not at the top of my list at the best of times due to bronchectasis and having to use oxygen .

I will be so glad when the op is over then my husband and I will look forward to a new normal way of life.

He is recovering well from his. Knee replacement.

My goodness we have had more than our share from the NHS and have had excellent treatment.

Gracious looking over this post you will need to sit down with some form of refreshment.

Thank you all for being there.

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I'm unable to answer your question as I haven't had those issues. I wanted you to know that I think it is a brave decision you have made, along with your doctors. My cousin had a mastectomy about 5 years ago and has remained cancer free. I hope your surgery goes smoothly and your pain isn't too unbearable for your recovery. Hopefully someone will be able to answer your query. Good luck and very best wishes.


Thank you. I can assure you I am not brave as Monday draws near my legs become a lot more wobbly, on this occasion it's a good job I am in a wheelchair I never thought I would ever say that, my husband assures me he is literally going to wheel me in!!!!!


Hope and pray every thing turns out great for you and your family. Babs x

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