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I was in nwph some years ago,I had a 4 part fracture in my right shoulder,so it was decided that they were going to put a metal prosethis in my right shoulder joint,but after the op,I contracted the hospital bug they would have to operatate again to remove the metal prosithis,a junior doctor came round to explain about the infection one point during his explanation,he told me that Mesa didn't like metal,so I said to him,does that mean I'm going rusty.which I thought was funny..didn't like metal,going rusty,but he didn't seem to get it and I should take this more seriously..the outcome of the infection means that my shoulder is not connected to my upper right arm,it can be a problem at times but its not a life or death situation.I do have another story to tell about my time in nwph,which I'll explain another time,also has anybody out there had any problems with replacement hip operations

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Dear Ellie,

No I don't have any stories to tell BUT I do get and, very much, appreciate the joke.


Glad u liked the joke,I do have another hospital story,but I'm not sure if I should tell you,depends on what type of humour u have


Go for it Ellie, I have a good sense of humour-and have been 'stuck' in hospitals, let me be polite here, quite a bit!!!!


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