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Unstable for long travel!

My cousin is getting married in Thailand and I emailed the specialist nurse last week for advice re travelling. She rang me today to say that they had had a meeting about me and they are not happy for me to travel, she said I am too unstable. She also said I have a son, a husband and am still working and do I want to jeopardise these things!

In addition to this yesterday I had a hypo followed by another do! Confused, didn't know where I was loss of strength to right side of body (blood sugars where normal by this time). Slept for 3 hours afterwards.

Oh I feel so good.

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Annie, we are each different and some of us can do these things and some of us can't. I know of someone on this forum who went to that area when he hadn't been diagnosed all that long. I don't think I could manage it now after 8 years.

Thailand is a long way to travel - all those germs recirculating round the plane (although you could wear a mask). Also have you made any enquiries as to what medical provision there is and whether you would get adequate travel cover. Would you need special jabs for Thailand? Would you want them with everything else you are taking? (I don't know the answer to any of these things)

From your posts I take it that the nurse is correct in that you are not stable. It will, of course be a decision that you must make with your husband and family. I'm sure the wedding will be wonderful but not so wonderful if you are poorly there and even worse when you get back.

Sleep and relaxation are exactly what we need, so I'm glad the three hours did you good.



I know how frustrating it can be to not to be able to do what you used to do without thinking, or not to be able to do what others expect you to do. Travel is just one of these things. Somehow, adapting to our condition and saying no to exciting events like this one, seems to confirm our disabled state and, boy, do we rail against that!

But, hey! life can be good even when have to say no to some activities. We just replace them with alternatives that, perhaps, are less risky for our fragile state of health.

How about saying no to the trip to Thailand and asking someone attending to set up a video link so that you can be there in all ways except physically? Then plan a holiday, or some other treat, nearer home for later in the year when your condition may be more stable?

Good luck and don't despair!




I was feeling a bit sorry for myself today (embarrassed to admit this), but you summed up why with what you said about not being ble to do what we used to.

I told someone today that whilst I thought that would be the answer from my Drs its hard to accept because I still dont think that I am ill. In some ways I'm the same as all the people who say " you look well", I get up each day and truth be told I feel crap but I get up smie and plod on and I think I've convinced myself that the Drs are wrong (I've talked to them about stopping my meds a few times). When someone in the medical

Profession spells it out it feels bad.

I know everyone on here feels the same so I won't say anymore because if I start I might not be able to stop.

A big thank you to you and everyone who has posted to me it is appreciated.

Good night folks




My husband & I were going to spend our annual holiday in Egypt and were told that he shouldn't travel (he has WG) a) because of more likely infections and b) DVT so shouldn't travel more than an hour if you can't get up & move around. We made our journey by train & short plane journey to the UK instead(we live in France) and visited all sorts of people and a new grand-daughter. I agree that we have to just adapt your life round what you've got and make the best of it. It's really not worth the risk of going that far. Set up to have a video and maybe a Skype link so you can wish them well, live via Skype. Good luck


Having had the delights of a foreign hospital,how frightening it is,although it is hard,it is the right decision, I agree completely with the risk of infection, plus the flight risks alone.So very sad to miss it though, but the skype idea is a fabulous one


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