Why do they say night sweats? I run about 20 fevers in 24 hours!

I had a horrendous menopause with high fevers which left me drained, exhausted and depressed. PMR followed closely on from this and now I have GCA and the fevers have continued. Who says this is only at night??? Am I the only one with ongoing sweating at the least exertion. Waking, walking, whatever, the sweat is pouring off me!

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  • No your not. I have had GCA symptoms for 2 years, but just officially diagnosed recently. I have had problems since Jan when I had a flare. With the slightest physical activity I break out in a sweat, with head being soaked in a matter of seconds. Even a gentle stroll in the seafront brings them on. Housework I have to do first thing before I shower. Gets to the point you don't want to go out because you know it will happen. I carry a fan and a flannel in my bag at all times. Need a battery operated hairdryer that I can use when out, sadly doesn't seem to be any available.😞 dread returning to work whilst it's this bad.

  • Hello Runrig,

    Good to hear you have a diagnosis at last!

    If they don't find the Giant Cells for whatever reason, they often just call it 'Arteritis' ie inflammation of the arteries - without confirmation of Giant Cells!

    I prefer to sit down when I have a hot flush because I think it puts a strain on my heart.

    I can't understand why all the papers I have seen only refer to it causing 'night sweats'. Yet another incorrect piece of information from those who are supposed to be 'experts' The suffering is always minimised in whatever way it can be!

    I also have claudication in my legs, doctors say keep walking despite the pain. I think this is putting a strain on my heart too!

    No wonder I have heart pain and palpitations (put down to indigestion)!

    Need exercise somehow but PMR makes it so difficult.

  • I have been told by so many Drs that these head sweats are just a side effect of Prednisolone, yet they always appear when I have a flare. An ophthalmologist told me the sweats I desctibed are symptom of GCA. I agree PMR makes exercise difficult. I have 2 tablets that are causing weight gain at the moment. Yet unable St the moment able to exercise or work, frustrating seeing the pounds going on each week 😙

  • I had horrendous sweats when I started on pred, it was like being in a hot shower. It seemed to be almost continuous and much worse than menopause. My rheumy, a male, said it was quite normal and laughed. I have found it has improved somewhat as I reduce thank goodness. I think it was probably the worst pred side effect I had as I was so aware of it all the time.

  • Yes, night sweats & 'hot flushes' any old time! Looks like blushing but no reason to blush. Embarrassing but I don't care so much about it now, have to live with it! 3yrs & ongoing. I've just finished Radiotherapy on my face so it will get even redder in about 10 days. We could start the Red Face society!!

  • Yep, flushing, sweats, day in day out. Wakes me up at night too. Broken sleep on top of everything else is a killer. I'm only on 5mg of Pred so why is the sweating nearly as bad as it was in the beginning? Admittedly in the beginning I had them so bad I was never dry (yuk!). Now, however either they've got better or I'm better at dealing with them! No fun though. 😢

  • I'm 28 and have for a week and a half had night sweats in a row..this was accompanied with shooting pain in my left knee and knuckles and thigh??(which i never experienced before) and now these shooting pain have transferred to my right leg n arm.

    Do u think this is a flare???. I haven't had pains all in a row like this since the early start of my diagnosis year n half ago.

    .seeing the consultant tomorrow so I'll be sure to tell him....only I've been wanting to reduce my press and he hasn't done it because my pr3 titreshave since 2015 kept increasing with no other pain attatched.

    Little bit concerned I'm also getting breathless just by walking up my stairs in the house.

    PS I have a nephrologists not a rheumy?!

  • Hello rrahman, my post about day and night sweats relates exclusively to Giant Cell Arteritis and Polymyalgia Rheumatica. You might have come through to the wrong Health Unlocked forum. What was your diagnosis? You might find more suitable responses on another forum.

  • GPA vasculitis. :-)

  • Well, there has been so little real research into Giant Cell Arteritis and Polymyalgia Rheumatica that we have little idea which symptoms and side effects are caused by the illness itself and which are caused by the prednisolone. I think these collective communities are ideal places for networking and learning more than the doctors know (or bother to report in their papers). I am sorry I am very unfamiliar with other types of Vasculitis rrahman. If I were you, I would make a new post exclusively for GPA and this will pick up those who use the forum with GPA. Best wishes for this (and sorry to hear you are also suffering from hot sweats!)

  • It's especially bad at this time of year because so many places are overheated and doors closed even on public transport, in GP and hospitals where infections are so easy to pick up for anyone on prednisolone (it reduces natural immunity to infections). I do wish they would open doors and windows in public places!

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