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Starting a discussion on Vasculitis & Kidney Disease

I have had 'uncategorised' ANCA vasculitis, for about seventeen years now. A lot of fellow members do 'know' me I am aware.

I was just wondering if, my experiences, both of vasculitis treatment, and kidney transplant, can be of use to anyone. Perhaps an exchange of views/experiences might be helpful? For this reason I have NOT put this question to 'members only', as I normally do.

If anyone is interested please do reply to this post.

I send you all my very best wishes.


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Have you ever written your experiences down Andrew

all the best



Actually Susan, in reply to your reply- so to speak, no I haven't- do you think anyone would be remotely interested? If so my best 'bet' might be to simply write it all, a bit, like a story; just one I have considerable personal experience of! Do you agree? If not how should I present it? I do think that this would be better than an 'endless' post.

I just thought that asking this, as a question/request for input was perhaps better. That way I can give specific information and/or start a 'definite' line of discussion.

Can you please advise me further?

Very best wishes AndrewT


I would be interested, I have Good Pastures (diagnosed 2012) which effected my kidney and i have recently had a kidney transplant. I agree with Susan's idea of writing your experiences down, I think we all feel a bit alone because the condition is so rare and varied.



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