Young Vasculitis UK closed group on face book

There has been a growing demand for a support group for the younger generation of Vasculitis sufferers so that they can talk about their experiences with people who truly understand. This is a sub-group of Vasculitis UK and is run by young people for young people aged between 16 and about 33 years old. The main aim is to offer support and guidance to those who need it, remind everyone that you are not the only one going through this and know that your mum can't read your post!

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  • What a great idea, no good to me, old f..t that I am! Hope it 'takes off' well.

  • There are 64 members Andrew and very active it is too! They can discuss stuff without mum or dad watching over. :-) which makes it easier for them to talk to each other... :-)

  • Great news Susan. I hope that, by now, the figure is 2064.

    Keep up the good work, love to John please. 

  • 111 members now Andrew

  • Fantastic idea. Young people with vasculitis need all the help they can get from their peers. Just knowing that you are not alone can be wonderful. Good luck with this new initiative.

  • This site is such a good idea. Hopefully this group will give my daughter, aged 20 last year when she was diagnosed with Vasculitis, support and comfort from her peer group, she is really depressed at being so young and she feels alone with this illness. No matter how much her mum and I say or do to try to support and comfort her, she thinks we don't understand her, as we are her mum and dad and biased. She is probably right in some ways. Hopefully your site will help and provide some comfort to her.

  • I agree my daughter is 13 years old. & was diagnosed with wegeners end of August this year - I have encouraged her to join the Facebook site to show her that she is not alone & to allow her to talk to other young people who understand.

  • Just met a lad at the Royal Free. Tried to get him to join how does he get on to it. He lives in Enfield so I will get his details. My son is on the site and has been since day 1. I think he looks at it I tried to invite him via the main FB Page but failed


  • Replied to you through FB Tony :-)

  • Cheers

  • Just sussed out the name :)

  • Hi I would like to join this group but it won't let me?

  • Thsbk you x

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