Can anyone suggest anything to relieve the itching from urticaria?

I am currently taking 40mg cetirizine, monteleukast and ranitidine. I have seen an Immunologist who gave me this prescription and waiting to see a Dermatologist for biopsy. The urticaria/hives are driving me crazy they really itch and last at lease 48/72 hours leaving a bruise. Are there any natural remedies or anything else anyone can suggest?

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  • My daughter used bio oil and calamine for her 14 year old daughter who is on very high steroids and they were causing horrendous itching - she said she looked like a jelly baby but was sleeping peacefully! Possibly not for daytime use but worth a try maybe.

    When my girls had chickenpox as children someone suggested rhus tox homeopathic remedy for the itch with that which is awful - they never once complained the pocks were itchy. Mind you, I also never suggested to them they might be itchy - so they didn't realise they can be until my mother-in-law started making a fuss of them "Is it all itchy..."

  • Thank you ive just bought some calamine cream to try and have put it in the fridge.

  • Something I heard recently but never tried it is Baking powder (Bicarb of soda) in the bath. I understand you can buy big bags from Boots or chemist??

  • Thank you, I will give it a try. I remember my mum putting it in the bath when I had chicken pox as a child.

  • Hey, I'm new on here... I'm not sure if you have been given a diagnosis yet, but what you're describing sounds just like what I have been experiencing... after countless blood tests, x-rays, biopsies, etc. I was diagnosed with Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis (Urticarial Vasculitis). This is especially linked to the post-hive bruising that you described. One of the few things that seems to help me, aside from taking a regular OTC antihistamine pill (Zyrtec, for me), is taking Ranitidine (IE- Zantac)- which is marketed as an antacid.... but has a secondary off-label use in treating Histamine-2 (which often presents with the 'wheel' and 'plaque' big blotchy raised hives). My allergist recommended it and I do believe it at least helps! Good luck!

  • Thank you, I am currently taking prednislone, monteleucast, ranitidine, naproxen, omerpazole, piriton, dosulepin, and cetirizine with no relief. Looking so start either dapsone or Hydroxychloroquine, fingers crossed something works!

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