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Anybody been told the same? Diagnosed with Leukocytoclastic vasculitis few months ago & now been told that from my most recent bloods

i have Rheumatoid Arthritis & that is what is causing my vasculitis, have been referred back to the rheumatologist so yet again now waiting for appointment to discuss treatment as yet still not taking any meds other than pain killers, feeling confused :/

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Hi. I don't have RA but we have a page on the Vasculitis UK website describing Rheumatoid Vasculitis that might be useful. It seems that treatment may depend upon the severity of your disease. But I know we have a few people on here with RV so hopefully someone else will see this and post more specific advice.

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Thanks for the link RichardE will have a look through i wasn't given any advice etc just to wait to see rheumy, Urghhhhhhhhhhh so frustrating!!!


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