has anyone had a nerve biopsy.I was diagnosed with Leukocytoclastic vasculitis in 2011 from a skin biopsy,as it is mainly a skin vasculitis

I have suffered ever since with severe pain in both my legs.

I was sent to have a nerve conduction test and was told the nerves in my legs were damaged from the vasculitis.and I should have had a nerve biopsy at the same time I had the skin biopsy.Although I have had no lesions on my legs for 12 months the and have been completley off Dapsone since February the doctor said the vasculitis could still be in my body,and although the nerve damage I have can not be fixed, I need a nerve biopsy to find out if it is still virrilant, and if so need vasculitis medication to prevent further damage.Would welcome any comments.

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  • My daughter had a nerve biopsy. They took about 4" from her calf. It has left her with a "dead spot" on that heel. They diagnosed Systemic Vasculitis. I hope that helps.

  • Thankyou for your reply,it sounds quite invasive.

  • I have had both a nerve biopsy and a skin biopsy, the nerve one is more evasive but after a day or 2 it was fine it wasn't to bad so try not to worry

  • I was firstly diagnosed with Leukocytoclastic vasculitis at one hospital with a biopsy and then sent to another hospital and had ANCA Positive and now they are questioning Cerebral vasculitis due to strokes. interesting to hear about a nerve Vasculitis as I have a numb big toe and numb front foot by the end of a day and am told it is not due to Diabetes - so Thanks as I will ask my Consultant.

  • A nerve biopsy helped to diagnose my PAN. They make an incision, spread the calf muscle and harvest the sural nerve and some tissue from below. As this is a total nerve transection, there will be a dead spot on the outside of the heel and along the outside of the foot on the leg biopsied.

    It is a superficial incision that should heal well.

  • Thankyou for your reply it is much appreciated

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