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Had all the symptoms of GCA and PMR, but also had purpula on buttocks and epidydmitis, polpys and choking cough. Bloods

were raised esr,crp,

aeonamia, thrombocytosis, leukocytosis, .After they started me on 60mg of steroid my severe head and leg pains continued for 14 days,

am type 1 diabetic, so bloods mad, now have damaged eyes

total bladder neuropathy, numb feet, tingling in arm. My wife thinks I have more than just GCA can anyone help please.

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Hi lonelyroad1,

I am sorry to hear about your ill health. Obviously with the complication of your diabetes and other symptoms your condition is quite complex.

You can get large vessel involvement with GCA ( ie Aorta, large arm and leg vessels ). You haven't mentioned who you have seen ( rheumatologist, opthamologist etc ) and whether your symptoms have settled now.

There is a charity called PMRGCAUK who have a helpline, website and also a health unlocked site. The helpline is 0300 111 5090.

Vasculitis UK also have a website, helpline etc, phone no. Is 0300 365 0075.

Both these organisations are excellent and can provide you with further information and advice on specialists in this field.

Good luck

Best wishes



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