How soon after last Cyclo should the maintenance drug start?

Husband has 6th and last Cyclo infusion on 31st July but then consultant is away for Aug therefore he won't be able to see her until some time in Sept.

Does anyone have any knowledge as to when a maintenance drug should start following the final dose of Cyclo?

I have a feeling that the maintenance drug should start soon after finishing the Cyclo but we just don't know - any ideas?

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  • Any idea anyone?

  • Well, I had my 7th and last infusion of Cyclophosphamide on 22nd Feb. I didn't start taking Azathioprine until 20th April. However, this had to be stopped on 14th June, and I've just had my first infusion of Rituximab this Tuesday.

    I thought the same as you, but the delay doesn't seem to have had any adverse effects.

  • From memory I was at least three weeks, probably four before I started my maintenance drug. There didn't seem to be no urgency on getting me started on it. However no ill effects as a result.

  • I started Azathioprine two weeks after I finished my cyclo. My nurse on the day care ward where I had my cyclo was most insistent that I had my appointment within two weeks of finishing cyclo so that I could continue my treatment. I had six pulses two weeks apart.

  • Only speaking from experience of talking to many other people with Vasculitis through the helpline it does seem to vary quite a lot, but one common thing I have found is that most consultants tend to leave a gap between Cyclophos infusions and maintenance therapy. Some only a short gap of days and others longer. I think it is best to chat with your consultant and ask the reason why there is such a long gap.

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  • I was initially prescribed Methatrexate but the reciveied a phone call advising an immediate stop! Was then prescribed Azathioprine which ajs kept me stable since mid 2007. A couple of weeks seems right - following blood tests?

  • After Cyclo infusions followed by cyclo oral for a little while, I went about two weeks before starting on Mycophenolate Mofetil.

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