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Early retirement because of Cerebral Vasculitis

Hi, my husband's suffers from Cerebral Vasculitis and is under cyclo infusion. He had a relapsed at work and fainted ! Now they will not allow him back at work until he sees the work OT regardless of GP signing him back to work note. He is stressed about it and not sure he should retire. Any advice for him and how he can get an enhanced pension....

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Hi elves,

Do you mean your Husband has been referred to Occupational Health? I am not sure what you mean by OT?

A referral to someone at work doesn't automatically mean medical retirement is being suggested.


Yes, Occupational Health. The early retirement suggestion came from his manager. He was asked if he would like to look into it.


This must be a distressing time for both of you. If your husband is in a company pension then he will have to look at the pension booklet to determine under what conditions he can take early retirement. The type of pension arrangement will affect what he can claim and when. HR departments are the normal starting point but often the look at it from the companies points of view so you might want some independent advice before you do anything formally.

I am not sure but perhaps the pensionsadvisoryservice.org... can help but hunt out your husband pension details before you do anything else. If they cannot help try the Citizen's Advice and see if they offer a pension advice service near you.

Good luck.

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Thanks Jann. I will ask him to ask his union rep.


That is a good idea. Someone in the Union should be able to advice him.

Hope it goes well.


It is very important to get union advice. His employer will save money if they encourage your husband to retire. They may have to make reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act. If they force your husband to retire they also have to pay him notice which will be at full pay. Occupational health can be helpful with suggesting reasonable adjustments. Take.union advice if.the GP has given a fit note the employer should allow you to return.


Thanks Amy. I have drafted a letter for him to send to his employer. They have only discussed on the phone. I thought in writing will give him more ammunition. His OT yesterday said it sounded like discrimination. So you are right the equality act will have to be pointed out. He is not thinking straight so I will need to send him with a list. Thanks again everyone has been helpful.


Hi that happened to me too ! I have cerebral vasculitis my consultant wrote to my employer and stated it would be better for my wellbeing if I worked ! They didn’t make it easy for me but I was determined and I’m glad to say I’m still working ! I do work part time so I dropped wages but it was still a better option. I think if you can manage and want to work you should as it is good for your health . I work in a job where I help other people so when I’m working I release seretonin and oxytocin into my bloodstream which helps my health 😀 I know some people can’t work and I understand how difficult it is . It’s not always very easy but it’s worth it if you can , I love the banter with my colleagues and really appreciate having a job.

I hope things go well sending good wishes for the best outcome !

Kind regards Diane


Thanks Diane. Indeed I would rather work as I do like my job. In the interim I will look at all the option with the equality act and then write to them. I am contacting my union for advice.




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