Ulterior Motive

Ulterior Motive

Ulterior Motive

22nd of June is a poplar day to walk. Vasculitis Trustees are crossing their fingers for sun for the many walkers out on behalf of the Vasculitis UK Trust. We have people walking the Thames -Jacqui Moran, Karen St.Ledger and Robert St Ledger, Janine Brown, Samantha Driscoll, not to mention the Harts, Antony Hart, Sally Hart, Jack Hart, Edward Hart, Giles Hart, Helen Richards, and Gemma Esseen. And now they have been joined by Sarah and Deane Thomas, Debbie and Tom Hewitt, and Lee, Amy, Erin and Jack Brewer. What a crowd!

While as far as possible in the Isle of Man Linda Fleg is starting The 2013 Manx Telecom Parish Walk from the National Sports Centre in Douglas at 8.00am.

I did wonder if they all wanted to be home on 23rd to watch the Final of the ICC Champions while they recovered. However I was wrong Linda has a two day walk.

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Jacquie & friends: justgiving.com/Jacqui-Moran

Karen & friends: justgiving.com/Karen-St-Led...

The Harts & Co: justgiving.com/TheHartsAndCo

Sarah Thomas: justgiving.com/Sarah-Thomas31

And justgiving.com/Linda-Flegg

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  • Good luck to all walkers

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