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Why You Should Have Your Own Scale Diary

If on any given day you want to know how I am feeling, you can always refer to my scale diary. Anything greater than 4 means I'm probably not up to doing anything other than what is required of me (like working) if that.

Before appointments, I take the average daily score and make a line graph in Excel to better illustrate trends. You may see my most recent line chart at the end of the page.

I think this tool is the best guide for your clinicians to track your symptoms and the success or failure of any medications you may have started or discontinued. This is not just for those with Sweet's or Urticarial Vasculitis--it is for anyone dealing with daily medications and/or chronic conditions.

See the scale diary in action! I've got several months-worth of tables with my numbers filled in. At the bottom of the page is the line graph I created for my last appointment.

Download the XLS file here:


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What a great idea - simple, easy effective! I tried doing a diary which seemed mundane and gave it up so now just have notes, which I update monthly or when a change takes place. thank you for the chart and will use it!


I agree with anthony01, A very simple but effective idea. It gives whoever consultant you are seeing an up to date graph of how you are feeling/coping with the condition you have. Very useful!


Brilliant idea, I get alot of infections - chest, sinus and skin and think I'll use this to score how I'm feeling and what my symptoms are - better than the how are we doing? Not too bad but .... the rheumi and GP get at the moment. Thanks for the idea, simple, easy, effective, more accurate and useful!


Thank you not so sweet. This is really a good idea, because I have recently been diagnosed with Churg Strauss Syndrome and am coming to terms with it a bit. I was thinking about setting up a way to record effects of medication/chemotherapy on how I'm getting on and you have already done it. Thank you very much!


Thanks -I was thinking about how to record how I'm getting on with responding to drug and chemotherapy - and you have already done it. This is really useful. Thanks again.


Thank you all! I'd love to take credit for the idea, but it was my clinical health psychologist's idea. He's awesome! However, I did make the Excel spreadsheet. ;-)

It really was an awesome tool when I visited Johns Hopkins last month. He'll see me again in July and I'll be bringing the line chart I showed him in May as well as line charts from the days since I saw him and started the new medications.



I started using Excel some weeks ago, after my latest flare (I know .... stable door .. .horse ... bolted!) Besides the general 'how do I feel' measure I put a rating against about a dozen other, more specific,measures such as joint pain, nasal bleeding, sinus state etc (all symptoms that are specific to myself). I have not decided how to present the results yet.


You can present it in one line chart with mulitple lines (one line for each symptom you rate). I'd be happy to make the proper adjustments to your Excel file.


Thank you - I may take you up on that as I get a few more results and think about it a little more. Many are currently consistently zero - which can potentially be excluded. I will continue to capture data for a while and then decide, probably with your help!


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