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My latest news update

Clinic visit today. Results of MRI scan of hips available, but report on Right hip only! Dr will try to get report on Left hip, which is the painful one.

After 4 weeks on 25mg per day Azathioprine, I'm now to take 50 mg a day for 2 weeks and then 75mg for the next 2 weeks, with weekly blood tests at local surgery.

Unfortunately, although I was lucky enough to get coated tablets to start with, I've now had to settle for uncoated ones. I just hope I tolerate these better than some people have reported.

Still on 5mg Prednisolone.

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Regarding the coated tablets, if you do have any problems with the uncoated type do let your GP know. Despite them costing a bit more, if there's a good medical reason why you should still have them then your GP should still prescribe them.

Hope you hear about your results soon,



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