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Double Continuous ADT Eligard & Casodex Johns Hopkins Clinical Trial

I'm new to this group. Gleason 10, diagnosed 2007, surgery 2007, failed 2010, radiation 2010, failed 2011. PSA gently rising on Muscadine clinical trial until positive biopsy on swelling in bladder wall Dec 2014.

Began Hopkins Clinical Trial Jan 2015 using 3-month Eligard & daily 50mg Casodex. PSA undetectable since then & the bladder wall swelling has "resolved." Side effects, sure, but as we like to say "I can live with them." Passed the 2-year mark on ADT a few months ago, still working full-time managing an international NGO. My Onc prescribed Venlafaxine when hot flashes got bad; not bad at all now, seems to work!

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The "3 month" threw me off at first. So you are on continuous ADT, with a shot every 3 months. Is the casodex also continuing? (What is the trial ID?)

My onc also prescribed venlafxine for hot flashes. I started complying because of the anti-depressive effects of the SNRIs. But the hot flashes dont seem as intense. I assumed keeping the house at a fixed temperature was helping, but I suppose the Venlafaxine may be doing something.


Yes, every 3 months Eligard shot in the stomach, and a Casodex 50 mg pill daily. Hence "Double ADT." I will be on them until I die (no breaks) hence "Double Continuous ADT." When some cancer gets clever, we will add something. Venlafaxine supposedly a mood-enhancer too, so I said "Yes, please!" Seems to help cut the hot flashes. Only take it two days out of three cuz when I took it daily, I could no longer orgasm. When I mentioned that to the Onc, she said it's a side effect. Cutting back to 2/3 works just fine! Sorry don't have CI reference nbr.


Thank you for sharing your experience Pguenette! We are excited to get our community up and running and look forward to communicating with you moving forward.

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