Four years & 70 anti-PD-1 infusions on clinical trial

Hey all - just finished my 70th anti-PD-1 infusion over 4 years on the KEYNOTE-002 trial; although I am technically a partial responder with stable disease, I consider myself cured (there are two remaining spots that show on CT but not on PET scans). I will remain on the trial for a few more months before deciding to discontinue the medication (but remaining on the trial for scans and blood draws). Anyone who is looking for some immunotherapy advice, reach out!



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3 Replies

  • I'm considering (if eligible) a trial combining Radium 223 and Atezolizumab. I love to hear what you think and what your trial experience is like...what was your condition before the trial etc.

  • This is so inspiring and awesome to hear! Wishing you continued health and wellness!!

  • Is your trial for melanoma or PC? Who is doing the trial. Your news sounds great!


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