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Understanding Clinical Trials

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Clinical Trial Care and Compensation


We know that when considering participating in a clinical trial there can be a lot of financial questions...Will you have to pay for the medication? Will you be compensated? To answer these questions we put together a video with Outcome Health.

Did you have any financial concerns when participating or considering to participate in a clinical trials?

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My wife has participated in two clinical trials. One trial reimburse her for car travel expenses, the other did not offer travel expense reimbursement. Neither trial paid her for participating. Neither trial charged us anything. If you live far from the trial site, travel expenses will be a consideration, particularly if you or your spouse must stay in the area during the trial.

KAR846 in reply to wmay13241

My husband hopefully will be taking part in clinical trial in New York City- we live in Atlanta. The trial will pay for travel expenses and lodging and meals.

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Hi... did anybody had to take opioid ( methadone, fentanyl, tramadol) or anth.else for chronic pain and still was eligible to participate in clinical. I hate that they imidiatey exclude you if you take this medication why would they do that if a person needs this medicine very bad and it was prescribed by the doctor? Is there anything that I can provide to the trial group for still being qualifying for the trial...? And I talk about smoking trial... obviously they are not looking 100% healthy people??? Hope you guys can help me with my question.

lperezAdministrator in reply to renata1984

Hi renata1984 I would suggest posting about this on our main page to hopefully get some answers!

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