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I hate my boss! sept be two year transplant. 68, financial guy said go to 70.

दान dena

इस कार्य के लिए आवश्यक होने के एक निश्चित समय में यह काम करने के लिए आवश्यक होगा...


Hi can anyone help and share their Covid experience , symptoms /duration and tre...
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Are you need any help context watsp 8955228756

Are you need any help context watsp 8955228756


Most everything is fear, how long will kidney and myself last. Fear caused my k...

Food plan for transplant woman weight 80

Hi, One year kidney transplant. My weight is 80 +. Any one having food p...

Virtual Kidney Support Group has a free virtual kidney transplant support group on Monday...

progress and positive

coming out of isolation, exercise trainer, diet is hard, weight gain and paddle ...


headaches and ulcerative colds pain daily. sleepy, year and a half post

2nd transplant

Is anyone on disability and had a second kidney transplant less than 1 year ago...

Urine culture results for transplant patient

Hello, has anyone know what it means had UTI with culture result ‘Mixed moral u...

Cryptosporidium -kidney transplant patients

Anyone had the parasite cryptosporidium?


transplant is temporary


Has anyone managed to come off Prednisolone 8 yrs after transplant and just mana...

Kidney Transplant Recipients Benefit from fourth COVID 19 Vacine Dose

Publish Date January 18, 2022 Kidney Transplant Recipients Benefit From Fourth C...

dizzy, heart meds??

Dizzy blood pressure lo, Is it kidney meds, bisopoprol, minimum 5g. Side effec...

Belatacept Infusion

Has anyone been in this forum been given a Belatacept Infusion to replace their ...

3 rd shot

getting other half of booster

will I get cancer

immune drugs always misses with white count pulling from bones

Living kidney transplant education

On Thursday December 9th those who need a kidney transplant, recipients, donors ...


rough year, wanted to check out, give up. Very little faith, poor me. In my 2n...

Staying healthy

Having problems keeping my weight down. Are protein powders safe.

legs numb tingle, tired weak no energy

legs numb

Educating the public about the need for living kidney donors

Our 2nd Kidney Transplant Thursday is on November 11th. What is Kidney Transpla...


on ivig infusion, tired, creatine going up after one year scared no trust alway...

Help for those who need a kidney transplant

From a nonprofit organization: a Free online program that shows yo...

antibodies see new kidney

after one year rejection beginning. angry depressed. ivies therapy. don't want t...

Two-year check up not what I expected (October 30, 2021)

I had my two year post transplant check up on Wednesday and it was a mixed bag. ...

Open up to conversations: Hear from a transplant surgeon

In order to feel empowered and safe, whilst navigating our own heath journeys, i...

Need a friend..

Is there any one from Delhi or India?
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