Delay on forwarded email to the GMC

Hi everyone, i re sent my email to Lucy Galbraith around 8.50 this morning. I realised after reading a post early this morning that i hadn't included the case number so i re sent it. Just had one of those delivery delayed type messages. Anyone else had this today? I wonder if they are getting snowed under? Not sure how this works? I posted a copy first class anyway. I wonder if it's worth other people doing the same tomorrow as a precaution? X

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  • I got a reply yesterday from Lucy Galbraith ! x

  • Hi, thanks for letting us know! How long did it take? Xx

  • She replied straightaway! I told her that my email to ms Summerfield was not acknowleged and that's why I was writing a second time. Actually I changed what I wrote and said a lot more! x

  • Well done JanJan! I didn't get around to sending mine until 18th April. I suspect there have been an awful lot of emails in the last couple of days!! I posted a copy yesterday, just to make sure she gets it. XX

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