Sent email to Week in Week out at the BBC

Iam not very good with words,Anyway after watching this programme in the week i wondered if they had a site ,and maybe able to help us ,(idea came from a member saying maybe someone like anne robinson could help)They do have a site, It says if you have a story you would like us to investigate .And if however we think the information you have sent us would make a good story but is not suitable for week in week out with your permission we may foward it to a more relavent part of the BBC.Ihave sent them a email ,and i thought if everybody did the same .there maybe a chance that we will be heard .

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  • They do indeed have their own page within BBC:


  • Thanks ,i sent them a email ,Maybe we all could ,

  • thanks

  • i will love tyo but i am not sorted yet . when i get sorted and feel 100% them i can prove wrong.

    People who are well is the ones that shoul write

  • agree

  • Thanks ,Send them a email ,if they get loads they may feel that they should look into this,

  • Thanks ,just write better treatment for thyroid patients ,Ijust thought if they got lots of emails they may help .im not good with words ,Hope you will feel well soon .

  • Adobe flash seems to have this a coincidence..or overload of response!

  • overload of response i hope ,There are a lot of people on here who could probaly write them a better email than mine ,and explain to them what is what .

  • Lizzy1606 you are doing much better than me..i rely on people like you :-)

  • Iam the same ,no confidence ,But i just thought as it was on the scottish news ,it would be fresh in the BBCs minds.

  • thanks

  • I have sent a message and said that I believe that it is a scandal that we are being treated this way.

  • GOOD ,We can just hope that we may be heard ,Iam hoping that when they read the mail that is all that is on there ,

  • I too have sent an email but the op is right, it needs as many people as possible to do it for us to be taken seriously

  • Yes i agree ,just hope that they may listen ,we can try,

  • ok, I sent them a comment

  • I put it on my Facebook site as well...

  • Thats great ,can only hope they will help ,and you know what they say there is strenght in numbers.(They did a programme this week about people addicted to pain killers,)maybe we will be next.

  • Also target 'Rip off Britain!'

  • Thats the BBC as well ,

  • Hi, just sent in my message. Hope something works.

  • Hi so do i we can hope,

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