My disgust in the GMC is complete


So good Doctors like Skinner, Peatfield and Myfield are hounded for helping us, actually returning us to health, and this bufoon is allowed to work again despite utter incompetence and being a liar. It really is a conspiracy. I cannot see how it is anything else.

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  • I read about this case a while back - but had not realised that he was being allowed to continue.

    Skinner, Peatfield and Myhill all have the support of their patients. This one clearly does not - and with that attitude and skill, never would.

  • My apologies to Dr Myhill for calling her Myfield! Fingers typing too fast in anger x

  • This is FOI is floating about on the net quite a bit:


  • I didn't read the whole article but was horrified by the first few sentences.

    You are right about the hounding of doctors who make people well when the other GP's and Endocrinologist do not know best how to bring us back to good health. They do not listen to us, the patients, and we have to find a way by ourselves with the help of support groups.

    Re Dr P and Dr S etc., it is not the patients who complain it is mainly people who call themselves Specialists who are annoyed patients are quoting these doctors who dare to put the patients' health first. Is there any other doctor who has appeared before the GMC for helping patients and who had more than two and a half thousand testimonial letters from patients sent to the GMC and still they put restrictions on him.

  • It's this from Dr Vicki Harris of the GMC

    anel] regards lying to a coroner as an extremely serious incident of dishonesty. The panel remains concerned that Mr El-Barghouty has not yet fully accepted and adopted the principle that honesty is a fundamental tenet of the medical profession.'

    They say all that and then allow him to practice. Oh but only within the NHS. So that's alright then.

  • Lala, That's unbelievable! - it's not just one or two botched ops either....

    "the chair of the [GMC] panel, Dr Vicki Harris, said: '[The panel] regards lying to a coroner as an extremely serious incident of dishonesty. The panel remains concerned that Mr E-B has not yet fully accepted and adopted the principle that honesty is a fundamental tenet of the medical profession.'

    She added: 'We want to encourage anyone who has concerns about this doctor to contact the GMC straight away. They need to hear from people directly so they can investigate these cases.' "

    i.e. once they have happened! Yet he continues to 'practise' - I hope as many members as possible, read this and take note. What would happen in any other profession, or a 'normal' unprotected job - it's more than incompetence for goodness sake!

    You can check out names and specialities on

    but no track record!

    J :D

  • ........and make no mistake.. patients who flag up awful behavior endangering lives of either themselves or relatives or in fact an entire community are usually labelled vexatious... a cosy little club who can do what they like! and of course brave medics who speak out normally lose their careers. All the more reason to sign and circulate this... it will only take off it people HELP promote it as well as signing it!

    Mary F

  • signed Mary

  • Thanks.. and please pass it on... M xx

  • 'Only in the NHS'.

    Oh, so it's alright to maim and disfigure average working people but not those who can afford private treatment.

    So, if patients who have a genuine reason express their concerns or grievances, the GMC all but ignores them and closes ranks.

    But if a medic brings a complaint for whatever 'reason', even though a doctor is genuinely helping his patients, they listen.

    Now, I, in my ignorance, thought the GMC was there to protect patients. I stand corrected.

  • So, to whom can we report the GMC for "negligence? For that is what allowing this man to continue to practice is becoming. They too, are not upholding their moral obligation & responsibility to provide a sufficient, efficient and thorough examination of this case --- the outcome of course should be to have him struck off --- thereby safeguarding patients health.

  • As they are a body endorsed by parliament, I suggest your MP.

  • I have written to my MP. Not something I often do - but this deserves it.

  • I've just done the same helvella. Am actually shaking with anger. How must that woman feel after losing so much to his utter incompetence and neglect, and the family of the dead father? On what possible basis do the GMC consider him safe to practice when they admit he seems not to grasp the importance of honesty? I am not letting this one go.

  • i believe that there are 2 routes. one is to appeal the decision at the High Court, but as yet i haven't had time to look up who can appeal a decision. usually its the interested parties.

    Another route that may not be available because of appeal route is to seek Judicial Review of the Panels decision.

    any body can refer any UK doctor to the GMC as we all know, but more weight should be attached to complaints by patients.

  • A third way, even if it only gives more publicity to this outrage, would be for all of us to start a petition via

  • All these measures have one thing in mind "to save the NHS money" . In my opinion the decisions are being orchestrated by the government who will go to any lengths to save money - unless of course this comes out of the pockets of the rich, and lets face it most of the ConDem MP's are loaded and I don't think Cameron & Co use the NHS anyway!

  • The Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) reviews the decisions of the fitness to practise panels of nine healthcare regulators in the UK.

    CHRE has the right under Section 29 of the National Health Service Reform and Health Care Professions Act 2002 to appeal any decision of a fitness to practise panel that it believes is unduly lenient and does not protect the public.

  • How to raise your concerns with CHRE

    If, you believe that your concern meets our criteria set out above, you should contact CHRE. You can do this by:

    Writing to: Sharon Charles

    Investigations and Good Practice Officer

    157 – 197 Buckingham Palace Road


    SW1W 9SP

    Fax: 0207 380 8040


    Calling: 0207 389 8015

  • I guess they are saying he can only work for

    The NHS so that he can be supervised!!

    It's a disgrace that his lack of ability to practice

    Safely and honestly is more important than

    Life to the GMC..

  • Who in there right mind would want to practice

    After what he has done!!!

  • I don't understand why the GMC are encouraging PATIENTS to complain when its DOCTORS who complain about the ones who are treating patients properly and listening to them!!

  • it just beggars belief that these monsters are allowed to continue to mutilate and kill us while the likes of dr sarah/skinner peatfiled etc who want to help us are struck off!--- words will not come, i am gobsmacked

  • me too pettals

  • i totally agree---------- it is bloody disgusting!

  • Couldn't have put it better myself.

  • Now then, let's have a bit of perspective here.

    We ordinary mortals, or 'canon fodder' as the ruling classes of the upper echelons of our society know us, really need to know our place. An Egyptian/Ugandan/wherever the hell botcher - trained in some back-water hole of a fly-infested, pay-for-your-certificate and no questions asked, second-rate "college", specializing in offloading their crap graduates into the English NHS in order to release our fantastically expensively trained specialists to earn their megabucks in the private sector, where the patients have insurance cover up to and beyond their eyeballs so that no shitty practitioner dares to brave the risk of litigation - is good enough for us. If you don't have the dosh, tough you-know-what

    , as the saying goes.

    Perspective, perspective. We must be grateful for the dregs from our rulers - many of whom are in government after Med school. Although truth be told, it's enough to make you sick.

  • Hundreds and thousands of people should sign a petitiion against this scandalous betrayal and contempt towards patients who are reliant upon doctors and surgeons being truthful, skilful, considerate and compassionate. They are supposed to not do "HARM".

  • Words fail me when I hear you all rising up in anger against the GMC. But when will anyone listen to us says someone who was a p.a. to one such doctor who was targeted by the GMC and one of his crimes was the way he treated thyroid patients. His crime - helping patients get better. Am I angry - YOU BET I AM

  • If a struck off and later reinstated does he/she get a new GMC number, and does anyone know where we can find a register of struck off docs? Have searched net but can't find any info.

    Help would be appreciated.

  • The GMC number remains the same:

    GMC reference number

    This 7-digit reference number is unique and retained for life. Having a GMC reference number does not mean the doctor is allowed to practise. Doctors who used to be registered, as well as those who are applying to be registered (with or without a licence to practise) will have a GMC reference number.

    They have a list of registered doctors but I have not found one which shows struck off doctors.


  • Thanks for this Rod. was just very interested.

  • It just makes you wonder what is going on in this country... Time for a new broom methinks!

  • OMG. This is insane, How can the GMC allow this man to carry on working for the NHS. it beggars belief! What is the world coming to?

  • I quickly did a petition on but made a typo and can't find an edit button! As I was digging around, I noticed it says the Medical Practioners Tribunal Service has taken over fitness to practice hearings from the GMC and is answerable to parliament. It seems like a real closed shop though. The chair is His Honour David Pearl. I wonder if letters to MPs about this are more in order right enough. They only started the MPTS in June and already making bad decisions. Doesn't bode well...

  • Petition here if anyone wishes to sign it x

  • Done!

  • signed...

  • Thanks Janinit :-)

  • signed

  • i have signed and i have also put PLENTY in the box that allows you to say why this is important!

  • thanks editfmrt! I don't imagine they will give a stuff but they are emailed each time someone signs it so it will at least annoy them ;-) Am just about to share it on facebook and email;

  • Have just signed. Also, have mailed me to start another petition (if I wish)--- thinking, as I do, we should set up another petition for thyroid sufferers to get the proper treatment.

    This petition could also be the theme for the Thyroid Awareness Week for next year ... might read as follows: NHS has moral obligation & responsibility to provide sufficient, efficient & thorough tests BEFORE putting people of any thyroid drug --- to include full bloods T4, T3, FT4, FT3, TSh, T2, B12, Vit D, ferritin, folate etc, adrenals in the form of a saliva test which would include progesterone, aldosterone, questions on previous hormone history (is patient on the pill/HRT/ current life style/ estimated stress levels/ family history/ current medication & include supplements. Also a tolerance test AND supplementing the adrenals BEFORE prescribing thyroid meds for 3 to 4 weeks prior. NHS also has these obligations & responsibilities to "fix"/ amend side effects of taking medication if the said side effects can be fixed. NO questions asked

    They must work at finding out why so many people are or become intolerant to thyroid meds, be diligent in their research and treat us with care, dignity & respect.

    End of soap.

  • snow storm i couldnt hav eput it better myself.. o yes that s sounds so right-- all those hormones that need to be addressed most of which i doubt they have never even heard of -- ie t1 and t2 let alone the vits... the adrenal salive yes---- i am forever questioning why in gods name do they rely od bloo dsserum when half that cortisol is bound up by proteins an dnot usuable so hence we get a YOU ARE NORMAL- claim when clearly we are not! so hence the adrenal sget lower and lower... it causes havoc as has already done so wuth my body and now i am stuck with dysfunctional nervous system problems, i m soooooooo angry, that this could have been avoided with more acceptance , being listened to, and all thise tests done propaly. progesterone is so important so is dhea- howmant doctors have heard of dhea-- o its just a class a drug - well crap --- why is it in our body then- it is only triubklesome when poeple use it and abuse it. it is needed for for our functioning. as i am not compus mentus could you please be my doctor right now? what ever petition you get up up iwill sign and pass it on. i would be doing it myself if i had th eenergy but i am burnt out again. i have a bladder prob , its hurst to pee i am forever in the loo- camoing outside of the loo--- but hey --- no infection-- its normal, if i am beginning to think that that bloody word doesnt exist. i will sign sign and sign again and well done you for writing all that down. xxx

  • Hi Pettals, Finally have managed to get the petition written &, I think posted. Only time will tell and that will be if you come across it. Didn't say if I'd been successful in submitting it. Am also going to write to my MP. Had a discussion today with a reporter to do with an issue in our village --- thought afterwards that I may well contact him for advice about getting something into a newspaper!!!. Will keep you posted. xxx

  • perhaps you had better pm me to keep me posted so i do not miss anything.xx

  • Hello pettals, it is with regret that I failed to start that petition because --- there were far too many characters. They only accept 75. So, next plan was contact MP which I have done, so am now writing and emailing.

  • snow storm i am having a brain fog like a double wammy of pea soup what petition are e signing , i am totally lost even tho i have reread al th eposts here.... wht happened to me two years ago in 2010 i am in my third year of the crap weird illness that has has been labelled as possible-- addisons/ p.o.t.s. adrenal insufficiency/ hasimotos/ epilepsy?/chronic fatique/ dyaustonmia/ hypothyroid/ and probably sausage toad and chips an dLlord knows what.... its all so complimcated now with a dysfunctional nervous system.... i cant rememebr what we are meant to petition for--- the crap doctors or hormones?

  • That sounds similar to our petition to the Scottish Parliament snowstorm. go for it, the more the better.

  • Great work Lala but I cant find where to sign the petition I must be having a senior thyroid moment .......Duh!!!

  • Brilliant - many congratulations getting to the point of submission.

    I for one will be ready to sign and add comments when it is open for signatures.

  • The Scottish Parliament petition is not open for signatures yet Janinit, it was lodged just as parliament was going in to recess and will be open for comments early Jan. Is that the petition you meant? ;-)

  • Yes. Thanks Lala. I will sign it as soon as it is up and running.. That is an amazing piece of work. I have downloaded it to read as I didn't realise I was so out of touch with it all. :)

  • Revealed that 3 in 4 of Britains danger doctors are trained abroad

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