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restless legs


My GP says that my thyroid is normal (latest result TSH 3.99 ) He has diagnosed restless leg syndrome and prescribed pramipexole which is a dopaminergic and sometimes given to early parkinsons patients.He has not tested dopamine levels and I'm very wary about starting these drugs as I'don't have any parkinson - like symptoms.

Can anyone tell me if restless legs can be adrenal/thyroid related? I also get numbness and tingling in lower legs and feet which comes and fasting glucose is OK. Does anyone on this site have restless legs or been prescribed pramipexole and if so how did it work for you?

Thanks a lot


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I believe it is related to low cortisol. I do have it occassionally but it is much better since I started treating my adrenals.

Are you on any thyroid treatment? If so, that TSH is too high. Actually, it's too high even if you aren't on any, but doctors don't see it that way, I'm afraid. In any case, it's far from 'normal', what he means is, it's in range. But the ranges are useless!

Hugs, Grey

dogtired in reply to greygoose

thanks greygoose......not on thyroid treatment just 4 nutri adrenal tabs a day for low cortisol.....serum ferritin within range.

I believe RLS is related to thyroid as well as dopamine. And it is also related to iron levels, because they affect thyroid function. Mine was triggered by low iron levels and resolved when my iron levels improved.

Numbness and tingling is a neurological symptom, and I'm not sure if it's part of the same picture... although it seems that its possible for just about anything can be thyroid related somehow!

dogtired in reply to poing

thanks for the interesting article.....just might be.


The professor that i see about my Antiphospholipid syndrome prescribed me the parkinsons tablets for my aching legs, when my dr saw what he had prescribed he wasnt very pleased, and advised me not to take them as he felt they werent the right sort of treatment to be taking, I think if my legs get realy bad with the constant aching and pins and needles it might be something i would think about in the future, its all just a bit scary sometimes isn't it :(

you might want to try vit b12. I've been taking it for six weeks, and the pins and needles have improved quite a lot. I take Methylcobalamin 1000 mcgs, recommended on this sight.

Dont expect any improvements before six weeks. Or you might want to have a blood test first to determin if you need it.

I had restless legs before I was diagnosed with Graves disease. So it could have been down to the Graves, the menopause which was just beginning or a deficiency/s due to the Graves making me lose 3 stone (I was a bit like a bag of bones :/ )

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