Do i have a goiter? help!

For the past week ive had a pain in my throat area at the bottom of my neck where the indentation is. I have no indentation though. Feels a bit spongy. It hurts and feels like a pressure on the area. Im on 1 and a quarter grains of armour and have been doing well. Though i think i need to be on 2 grains. I havent had this pain before except a long time ago before i was diagnosed and of course now can recognise it as potentially my thyroid. However, could it be a good thing too? is it possible the goiter is shrinking as my dose is getting closer to where it should be? any thoughts? When i was first diagnosed the doctor checked my throat but that was a year ago. if i check myself what am i looking for? thanks!

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  • Hi How is your voice? Swallowing? I would ask for an ultra sound of the thyroid, fairly routine anyway. If Nodules found , a biopsy under a specialist is routine.It is very common with Autoimmune thyroid disease and usually not anything very nasty.

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  • Thank you Jackie, I feel a little more at ease. My voice is the same as far as i can tell not hoarse, but I ve been having trouble swallowing and it feels like a lump in my throat that is always there. However, I ate quite a bit of wheat recently and it gave me heartburn, so dont know if that can be a connection too.

    Really dont want to go back to the doc :( i hate going fed up of it xx

  • Hi Yes it is a pest, but best to make use what it is.My thyroid is very enlarged and I have nodules, I have Hashimoto`s, so autoimmune Hypo., I cannot have biopsies because of my other medical conditions. I have had them quite a while but now from having a bad voice, it is virtually impossible for any one to hear me, as I am fairly deaf too, due to kidney disease, then It is great fun having a conversation!.It would help your treatment to have it checked.You could also have Caeliac disease, which is autoimmune. When you have one autoimmune disease you are likely to gradually have others. There is a blood test for Caeliac, not terribly reliable, If should show gluten a problem you have to avoid it, horrible diet. However important to have wheat, gluten etc for 2 weeks before the blood test.

    I hope that gives you some ideas. GP???? or endo etc.

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  • Gp, she is lovely but tired of seeing her and saying this is happening now :(

  • I know the feeling, I have consultants appointments more than once a week., and GP: likes to see me every 2 weeks, that is a pain! needs must!! It is not very urgent but please go , it is important.

    Best wishes.,


  • This is where I sometimes feel there is something poking. Last week a number of times I brushed my neck to move whatever (my collar? my necklace?) was poking me in the throat but there was never anything there.

  • I think of thew times in the past when i wasnt diagnosed and had a strange sensation around my neck and never thought of it at all!

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