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back to square one

after being referred to endo for elevated creatine kinase have been referred back to my doctor as endo wont see me, after a second blood test ck has dropped from 764 to 71(normal range no further action) after 6 week, but i still feel the same, back to dotors next week for me, am hypo and tsh is 1.1 6wk ago, not ahd free t4 or t3 blood test, any ideas would be appreciated thanks

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Hi Well the first thing I would do is lots of research and find a better endo, then be re referred.Of course you need the tSH, T4 and Free T3 tested, amazed the endo did not do them and the other related tests, A good one always does,If this does not work, can you pay for the thyroid basic test s( 30, I can give you details if required.Also did you have all your U`s and Es ( kidney function ) done? The most important kidney one is GFR, no range but below 45 not too bad, if below you need to see good nephrologist. any lower can lead to acute renal failure. Always have all your blood tests results with ranges ( most vary)

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make it totally CLEAR to your gp that you are not happy with the treatment /results from the endo and you wish to have a second opinion from OUTSIDE of your trust and give him/her your choice of referral [ this is where you have to do your own research ] under the 'CHOOSE AND BOOK ' system----- they then have to supply you with the paperwork for you to make the referral appointment directly ---- a very simple process----you can be referred to ANY trust within the nhs system [ in certain circumstances even to private clinics/hospitals ] also make sure you research EXACTLY what tests you need to have and make absolutely certain that these are carried out by this endo.......good luck


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