back to square one!!!

So had private BT done with Medichecks on December 21st,it showed

Reverse T3 *27 (10.000-24.000)

FT3 4.58 ( 3.100-6.800)

Reverse T3 Ratio *11.04 (15.010- 75.000)

T4*22.41 (12.000-22.000)

Total thyroxine 126.8 ( 59.000-154.000)

Comments made ,reverse T3 elevated and FT3/rT3 ratio low ,which could suggest that you are not getting sufficient free Triiodothyronine into your cells . Great im thinking i have some back up to get second opinion .

So back to Gp on 10th Jan, asking for second opinion ,Im thinking to myself at least i have something in black and white now to help maybe get a trial of T3 from Endo, SILLY ME!!! DIDNT EVEN GET AN APPOINTMENT !! .today i find out its the same Endo i saw previous back in September ( id already told GP i wanted to see someone different ) , He declined to see me ,stating this lady was reviewed in September and discharged back to your care (GP) ,

She has since had her T3 and Reverse T3 ratio done privately and is marginally !!! out of normal range ,however this is something we do not have any experience with ,nor do we check it on our thyroid patients ,more over there is no scientific evidence supporting its use , i suggest you reassure her that her thyroid function is optimised and unlikely to be the cause of her symptoms and would not benefit from being seen in the endocrine clinic again !! to say i feel let down again is an understatement ,

Sorry for the ramble but just had to let off steam , trying not to get stressed about it as i know it will just make it worse , so basicly just spent 150 pounds for nothing!!!!

Hope all you lovely people are ok,

best wishes SUNNY ,although not feeling very Sunny at the moment more like STORMY !!:((((

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  • No wonder you are angry. Please ask to be referred to someone else, don't give up. Firstly...see below....

    You need yourself in your own corner fighting for you. Has there ever been a time when you weren't able to do this ??

    Phone hospitals in your area, ask to speak to the endocrinologist's Secretary. (I did this)

    Ask if the endocrinologist believes in prescribing t3 or ndt.

    When you get that information, go back to your gp and ask to be referred to your chosen endo.

    Go girl !!!

  • Modfather ,thank you for your fast reply ,im not in right frame of mind at the moment ,need to calm down and get a grip ,lol then will try again ,im changing GPs as well its like hitting your head on a very hard wall every time ,GPs response to Endos letter was '' have you tried going on holiday'' it works wonders ! Unbelievable !! mind you could go to greece and buy T3 meds at same time haha!!

  • Authoritarian b*****d! Stick to your guns, it's not in your head.

  • Hahaha!! least you put a smile on my face ,thank you x

  • Take good care of yourself.. x

  • Oh my goodness how patronising!!!

  • katiekatie , yes isnt it !! can feel the blood starting to boil again so better calm down , many thanks for reply

  • I get like that also! Doctors have a great gift of doing that to us its ok and you are totally justified in feeling that way. They must study the art of patronising a patient to the letter. Shame they don't study the thyroid as eagerly!

  • Hahahaha!! very true ,like your thinking Katie !!!

  • I am sorry you have gone to all that bother and upset but the doctor doesn't know how desperate we can be when not improving by one iota, so we go to lengths in order to try to do so.

    Not all people believe RT3 is a problem. This is a link in which the doctor explains. This doctor was also a scientists and an Adviser to before his death. He also disliked the way we are diagnosed these days and treated by the 'modern' method. He concentrated in relieving his patients clinical symptoms but would not prescribe levothyroxine, only NDT and T3 for his thyroid resistant patients..

  • Thank you Shaws ,im going to read this a bit later ,im still in shock from not even getting to see anyone its sooo unfair , would it be worth trying out of my area do you think ? im changing GPs as well as all i was offered as a way of feeling better and treatment was join a gym ride a bike and take a holiday !!! if i could have ridden a bike or gone to a gym she wouldn't have had to sign me off work for 6 months i would have been working ,!!! thank you for taking your time to reply ,:)))

  • And I don't suppose your GP is going to pay for the holiday either ... I wonder if you can get a holiday on NHS prescription?

  • That's just what my Daughter said too :))) great minds think alike lol

  • Unfortunately for us, the last remaining (it seems to me) doctor who treated people and not the blood tests who died but this is an extract from his website:

    In his capacity as a Consultant Virologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham he was referred patients who were thought to have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME) and other problems thought to be related to viral infection; he felt that a number of these people had classical signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism and treated them with thyroid replacement with encouraging results. He then started working with a number of General Practitioners to address the possibility that there may be a group of individuals who have normal thyroid chemistry but are suffering from hypothyroidism. The British Medical Journal published a letter in 1997 from Dr Skinner and a number of General Practitioners bringing this to the notice of the medical world.

    Dr Skinner’s work involved a specific group of patients who have thyroid chemistry within the reference range but clinical signs and symptoms of disease; he argued that blood tests should not be pivotal in the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism as they had never been validated as a marker of optimal health. Secondly, in this particular group of patients it was not known what their blood test results were when they were healthy therefore using blood tests as the only criteria for diagnosis was not sufficient.

    It must be emphasised that Dr Skinner was not doing anything new nor prescribing new medication for the treatment of hypothyroidism; patients were diagnosed and treated for this disease based on clinical signs and symptoms and medical examination before blood tests were established and thyroid replacement using natural preparations was the norm prior to synthetic preparations.

    The treatment Dr Skinner used was one that has been used for many years namely thyroxine which is the drug of choice for most patients with hypothyroidism and in those who did not respond to this he used the natural Armour or Erfa Thyroid which were used in the treatment of hypothyroidism before synthetic thyroxine was manufactured. His methods were scientifically sound and he always wrote to the General Practitioners and other medical carers to inform them of his reasoning behind the diagnosis and treatment of patients. and

    Dr Skinner vigorously opposed certain aspects of the UK Guidelines at the time they were being formulated and lodged his ‘Document of Record concerning UK Guidelines for thyroid function tests’ in 2005 with all the Royal Colleges, National and Local Health Organisations, the British Medical Association and tried with the Society for Endocrinology who rejected it. He also wrote to Dr G H Beastall, Secretary, Guidelines Development Group, British Thyroid Foundation in 2005 to comment on the pitfalls in the proposed guidelines.

    It is disappointing that Dr Skinner’s medical colleagues have been and still are behaving like bullies in a playground forming their gangs and stopping all others from engaging with doctors they have chosen to cast out of their inner circle. Sadly, they have neglected their duty in caring for these patients resulting in a serious shortfall in their medical care leading to unnecessary suffering and years of mental and physical ill health.

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