Back to square one

Back to square one

Hi can any one make sense of my results please. I tried Levo 50 mcr and the make was Teva back in April this year, was only on them for just over 2 weeks and felt dreadful, heart going 10 to a dozen, felt sick and just very ill. Spoke to my doctor and we both agreed that I stop taking them, and to see how things went. Now feeling pretty bad again so got this test done at Medichecks, but am dreading going back on these tablets, have read on here that this make doesn't agree with a lot of people, is it easy to request another make ? My lovely doctor has now left and the one I have been dealing with at the moment is horrendous, so any advice I would appreciate, thank you .

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Hi. Looking at those results I would say you have hashi's, and need meds.

Perhaps you should have started on 25 mcg dose for a few weeks, before slowly increasing to 50 mcg.

Yes, you can change make by asking pharmacist for alternative when you hand over your prescription.

Hope you feel better soon.

Thank you Greenwall, will ask today, like everyone else, feeling terrible at the moment:(


Feeling terrible will pass. It's just hard to remember that when you feel terrible.

Thank you Pauliewalnuts, from lots of posts I have read there is definitely something in the different makes that either agree or not with each person, but my doctor I spoke to last said it was rubbish, but for me I have always tried herbal routes because all my life if things have side effects I tend to get them and end up feeling worse, I wonder how much it comes down to what blood type you are ? I am resus negative?

I wonder how many people have actually swopped brands and really felt a difference ? That would be interesting, my pharmacist said he will order whatever brand I want, and don't have to ask the doctor so that's good news at least, but still frightened to try them again after the last time, but I know something is definitely wrong with me now, so no choice really :(

Yes, finding how many people swapped brands would be interesting, but I don't suppose pharmo's would keep that data. Pharmacist may have a rough idea.

I know it's scary trying meds when one lot gave you a bad reaction. However, as with many drugs for different things, you sometimes just have to suck it and see until you find one that suits you.

Perhaps NDT would be a solution for you???

Hope you're better soon.

My pharmacist said he will order me another brand, but what I'm more shocked at is the phone call from my doctor this morning, saying I don't have much of a problem !! So having my TSH at 14.6 and my Thyroglobulin antibody at 576.000 is also okay ? Really not sure which way to turn now .

I would try different doc, or even change surgery.

Alternatively, take articles from Thyroid UK, or where ever, to give doc evidence of why you meds, and why some people need to try different makes. If that is scary, put it in writing to doc. They have to respond to print.. ;-)

Thank you for your reply, flaming doctors :(

No problem. Docs only act to cover themselves, ie following their training. The problem is training doesn't seem adequate enough.

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