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Anti depressants , nutritionist, or homeopathy !

Came back from Gp appointment and was advised to see a nutritionist , homeopath and or antidepressants ! A TSH of 2.59 and bottom of healthy range Ft3 and Ft4 does not represent a thyroid problem, in fact it's quite a good result, She said my vitamin D was a bit abnormal , like last time but to remember it is winter! Apparently she does believe, and can see evidence of the symptoms I complain about (wow) but they are known as symptoms the medical profession cannot find a cause for, or obviously treat ! GREAT ! I said no to anti depressants because I am happy with every other aspect of my life, it is just my health causing me problems . When she suggested the alternative therapies I used the moment to ask about a Dr Skinner referral. Firstly she looked like that was a bit of a silly choice, and said she didn't understand his interest in metabolic / endocrine issues because he did not study or specialise in this field, but then said she had recently referred someone else to him and was waiting to see what came from that, and if she thought he was ok, then would consider referral. I have to wait for weeks then contact her to see. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !

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Print these 2 links and give to your GP. Dr Skinner is a Virologist whose research is on vaccines one of which is named after himself.



The first is how he became to be involved in new 'mysterious diseases' which were only named about 10 years after the TSH was used as a diagnosis. Before, people were treated with thyroid gland meds according to symptoms.


Thats something I certainly could have done to have with me today re dr skinner, Thank you shaws! Its frustrating when they cannot help yet have no inclination to trust someone who tries and has proven results !


This is a link which I think you will find informative.



I ordered the book this week, you read my mind lol !




Is that an incredulous exclamation mark or, are you saying ths is the best choice? I think I can guess. :-)


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