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Anti depressants, Low Vit D, Calcium levels or Fibromyalgia.......take your pick

Just got back from seeing the senior GP regarding the terrible pains I am getting in my back and rib cage, plus being very tender in the arms, legs, etc.- feels like I'm bruised.

I have been sent back to see him from the Physio as she is no longer able to treat me as the manipulation was causing excruciating pain. I have left her with a huge list of exercises which take me the majority of the day to complete as they all need doing a least twice.

The pain in my back starts in my buttock area and then goes around to my ribcage - the physio said its in the lumbar region (core muscles) - the GP disagrees and says it in the thoracic area as pain doesn't travel upwards! He reckons manipulation won't do me any good and also suggested I should be on anti-depressants, to which I refused point blank.

He then said that my aches and pains are due to the cancer treatment I've had - I had a TT in 2011 and have had no treatment for it since (I declined RAI) other than the obvious Levothyroxine. I obviously told him this as well.

My X-ray and DEXA scan has come back showing I have arthritis of the spine and pelvic area, however this pain I get is very intermittent and when it does come, it gets progressively worse until I sit down.

In Feb 2012 I had a blood test which came back showing I had lower than the range, Vit D (30 and range was 70 - ?)and was prescribed VitD tabs 1000iu, which I have been taking regularly. When I saw a different dr last week, she was adamant that she had prescribed me 20,000iu, which I have checked today was incorrect, however today's dr has said because I've been on 1000iu for a year that my levels will be back to normal! Nothing about the fact that I was incorrectly prescribed too low a dose in the first place - talk about sticking together. I mentioned Fybromyalgia and he poo poo'd the idea saying that that;s the 'in' illness and is normally told to anyone when they don't know what the problem is. Then said, if you want me to put you down as having it I can - but the treatment is anti-depressants and pain killers - unbelievable!

I am sure my aches are due to low VitD levels and have requested a blood test on Thursday, where I also want my Calcium checked on top of my thyroxine levels.

I only have one you need to register with a Dr within the immediate area in which you live or can you choose another one somewhere else within the town?

Sorry to go on, but I'm feeling confused and angry and thoroughly let down atm.


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You may have already seen these links, but you do get made when you are messed around. Maybe your GP would like a copy of the second link.

Some of the links within these may not work.


Thank you Shaws, they make very interesting reading x


Sounds about what my doc said too - anything but thyroid probs, GP also suggested CFS as 'not a bad diagnosis' (second best guess I reckon as she didn't know, after a PT op! - co-incidence!).

If you can't get a vit D test try here, NHS lab for £25 (not that we should have to)

and 1000iu is not enough, I take 3 to 4000iu drops daily (and joint/muscle pain IS better esp rib cage, heavy arms/legs etc. - worth trying) I def know when I forget - pain straight back.

I tried to reply on a similar post with someone with bone probs (I have 'impinging' neck ribs) but site a bit awkward today....

As for the changing surgery question - I don't know - worth ringing them to see ?

Keep fighting sweetie - we'll all get there. J :D


Hi ,,You are right about the calcium, imperative it is tested if on or need vit D. Vit D increases it and must always be in range, even if the D is low. I had to stop taking D ( very low) because my calcium went over range. usually 2 Ca results, it is the corrected Ca that counts

The other question, you can see any GP further than your immediate dwelling ,if they are prepared to have you. A lot keep to a set area mainly because of call outs. If just outside that area, worth asking the GP, explain that you want to change.

I hope that helps.



Thanks everyone for your helpful comments. I have already started looking at other surgeries in the area, but will wait and see what my results are before doing anything hasty. I'll let you know the outcome of the results.

Sue x


Could be reading about myself here apart from the cancer. I too have sore arms, legs and back and ribs. Also when I knock myself I bruise very easily. Today in particularly my legs are really aching. My doctor has never mentioned Vitamin D so think I may give this a try, I'm 47 but feel body wise 87, hate being like this because I've always been a very energetic active person so this is completely foreign to me. I'm also on 250 mcg Levothryoxine.


I'd ask for a Vit D blood test if I were you and take it from there. If needed, GP's should give you a high loading dose and then it's back to you to buy the normal dosage tabs yourself - saves their prescribing budget, even tho we don't pay for our scripts Grrrrr. x


Sue, do you have small lipomas at the base of your spine by chance? You sound so similar to myself. I have to say a small amount of amitriptyline which some use as a sleep aid helped a lot with the pain you describe. I would not do those exercises if they are to strengthen muscles. It does not work. Our muscles are damaged and there is something about fast twitch or slow twitch which has changed. Trigger point therapy and stretches are more helpful than exercises in my opinion.


Hi Heloise, I don't think I have are they small swellings? GP suggested amitriptyline at night but I sleep really well atm and the pain in my ribs only comes on when Ive been walking for about 15mins or so. Like tomorrow when I go shopping, I know I will be in pain before I've finished :-( - Stretching actually feels really good for my ribs, I feel like I need to be stretched out at times. x


I'm glad you can sleep. Big help! The lipomas are not fatty tissue like most, they are actual tears in the myofascial tissue or sacral herniations and found mainly in the lower V shape of the spine. I've been trying to find out for ten years what they are. They push on nerves and I can't stand for any length of time...hate walking for same reason. I also can't sit or lay on anything too firm. I'm probably too far gone for help at this point but save yourself, lol.

I also had low D which may be part of the problem but I do think your thyroid may have something to do with this. Are you hypothyroid?? You didn't really say but most people here are. You can skip the following if you are not considered hypothyroid.

Is your TSH suppressed? Is your fT4 in the upper range and fT3 just slightly lower than your fT4. Then you can be more assured that all your T's are being met. If not, you should try NDT.

Yoga is good!


Thanks again for your comments, blood tests tomorrow for thyroxine levels, VitD and Calcium - I just want to prove these GP's wrong so I can go back and say 'I told you so'. I'll post results when I get them x


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