Had my free consultation with a nutritionist this afternoon and she certainly knows her stuff, especially as I have been learning all about the same stuff. She made me feel comfortable, hopeful and motivated. She has a plan for me and as other specialists have said "I am a complex case" due to years and years of abuse to my body from anxiety, low self esteem, no confidence, blah blah blah, and now thyroid fluctuations. I am going to be taken under her wing for 3 months at a cost of £995 including weekly visits and contact with her at any time I need. I can't afford it but mum and dad keep wanting to help with finances but I refuse because I am so stubborn and independent. I no longer care about that now and just want my health back, I can't "live" unless my health is better, I just exist and that just isn't enough for me anymore. I want some contentment and peace in my life and after years of helping everyone else around me, it's time for ME, I realise that now, despite being told. I have no life with poor health.

She's a lovely lady, she is the motivation and confidence I need, and she is full of the right knowledge. She even told me it was pointless my purchasing a private cortisol test because she automatically knew, from my history, that my adrenals are shot.

I am now going to bite the bullet, take a deep breath and speak to mum and dad tomorrow about the cost.

I feel at the moment that there is light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel that I am stuck inside of

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  • I'm glad your consultation went well and has given you confidence that someone is interested in helping you get better.

    Good luck.

  • you hit the nail on the head hon "someone is interested in me". It's a lonely life with thyroid and anxiety problems. No-one around me understands so can't obviously help but she was right on the button with stuff. I let her do most of the talking hoping she would speak about certain things that I had learned about and that were detrimental to recovery, and she did, so I know she is on the ball.

    Also included in the price is an indepth blood screen which is sent to some special scientific specialist/lab she uses in Germany and my new diet will be planned according to my results so advised me not to take any supplements at the moment

    I said to her "you haven't asked me whether I smoke?" She already knew I did but said we need to tackle one thing at a time

    After a break from my Levo for a couple of days I took 75mcg this morning so will starting reading my body as to whether it will be too low or still to high. Anxiety has subsided again today

  • It is a relief when the Anxiety subsides and hope it continues.

  • Jefner, have you seen any references from satisfied customers and checked her qualifications and credentials? £995 is a substantial outlay.

  • yes hon she is a member of BANT

  • Glad you've found someone who understands. Sounds like a bargain for the level of contact, good luck with it. Also please take the cash ;-)

  • yeah, for the 3mths she would normally only have 6 consultations but because of my long history of problems she prefers to see me weekly

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