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Blood test results. Please help



My blood test results are

T4, free 1.4ng/dL

TSH, 3rd generation 3.49mIU/L

Recently had full works of tests on vitamins etc + the only thing that came back was glucose slightly high.

But I'm still feeling very anxious, sleep problems, diarrhoea, no sex drive, brain fog. My nuclear medicine dr said these results were normal + that I was on the correct dose if levothyroxine.

Any insight into these results would be greatly received thanks

Maddie x

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your TSH is a bit high. you want to keep it under 2. I find I feel best when its 0.5.

Under 1 is even better!

Hi Maddie, I know my eyes are bad but is that FT4 really 1 point 4??? What is the range? Have you got the other results? Because one thing one sees all the time on here is doctors saying that iron, B12, etc are normal, when in actual fact they are rock bottom!

Hugs, Grey

helvellaAdministrator in reply to greygoose

Bizarrely in units of ng/dL. Not sure why that would be - not usual in the UK.


1.4 seems to be towards top of range.


Yes sorry I am in the USA but I am British. Think they do measure it differently out here. It says the reference for 'normal' is 0.8-1.8ng/dL.

Ah ok, I see. Thank you. I thought I was seeing double!

Hi O course, your TSH is too high. Make sure you also have a free T3 test for a proper diagnosis. Diabetes, the best test is Hb 1Ac. if this also high, you must have treatment for diabetes. The symptoms ,initially are the same as thyroid disease, hormonal and autoimmune. Actually, I find the sleeping, tiredness etc. worse with diabetes than, thyroid, heart or anything else. I hope that helps.


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