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Possible Chronic Fatique????

Hi Im new to this and not sure if Im posting in the right area??

History... Went to doctor 2 years ago after being ill for 6 months (cold, flu, chest infection etc.)

I begged to get my blood tested as I felt so ill. He reluctantly agreed.. I think just to get rid of me. Anyway few days later get a call from GP telling me I needed to be seen that day!! just to come in and no appointment needed. Had me freaked out! Well test showed my thyroid was over active and dangerously high!! nearly 700.. which did not mean anything to me??

I was just glad there was something wrong and it wasn't in my head.

Waited 5 months to see Endo who gave me medication for treatment which I was treatment resistant to and 15 months after diagnosis was given iodine treatment.

At this point I was expecting fab results, but now 9 months later feel worse. On 125 thyroxine and sent back to a new Endo today.

Have to say I expected a fight because of how I felt!!! but he listened to me and is sending me for all types of blood tests on Friday morning ( so quick, IM AMAZED!)

He is willing to treat whatever these results show!!! WOW..

He also explained that because I was so ill with overactive thyroid and also diagnosed with Graves he believes I may have chronic fatigue??? although he is happy to look at T3.

This is the first time I feel someone has listened to me and he has also emailed me lots of information tonight!!!

Has this happened to anyone else??

thanks :)

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I'm a little confused and I'm guessing it's just a typo. If you are on thyroxine and your doc is looking at T3, I think you mean that you have an UNDER active thyroid.

Saying you "have" chronic fatigue is a cop out. CF is a symptom - of many illnesses. It isn't an illness on it's own, anymore than "toothache" or "an itchy elbow". If you are telling him that you constantly tired, he needs to find out why. If you aren't saying that, then he needs to buck up his ideas.



Sorry I maybe wasn't clear. I was overactive until I was given Iodine treatment for my thyroid. Then I became underactive and put on thyroxine about 3 months after treatment.



I also am suspicious of that kind of diagnosis (CF) when there is an obvious hypothyroid problem. My SIL has been treated for this for years and years and yet she is on a minimum dose of thyroxine. I really believe they should regulate her thyroid and see if the CF mysteriously disappears.


CF, This is what my Physio said. CF is a term used by Drs who dont or wont look into why a patient is experiencing low energies.

She said the best way to guage your energy is, to write down, when you get, what you were doing prior to it. i;e walked upstairs and hoovered then slumped into exhaustion. Or just woke up, went to get out of bed and was exhausted.

Assuming you are not anaemic etc..

If you find the 3-4pm slump hits you. eat banana, or porriage or that kind of energy booster if you can, about 2-3pm to see if it helps you through it. If it does, its the body depleated of burning material to produce energy. having regular small meals helps. As does, eating something before you get up if affected.

I tried her advice and ate hour to 30 mins before my energy slump and it boosted me through it. Then the thyroid got its hooks in and I do what I can when the exhaution is full on. Being anaemic doesnt help either.

If it makes no diference and you are not anaemic the Dr must investigate why you are becoming fatigued. There is alwasy a reason, its never a just decided to pop in and have a snooze with yout.


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