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Adrenal Stress Test!

Hi All

I've just received the results of my Adrenal stress Test back. Bit confused as to what they tell me about my situation.

I had an AST 9 months ago and the results were:

Sample 1 21.0 inside range

Sample 2 3.8 Low

Sample 3 1.6 Low

Sample 4 3.3 high

DHEA all in range.

The one i just got back is as follows...

Sample 1 30.9 high

Sample 2 8.4 in range

Sample 3 1.6 Low

Sample 4 1.8 in range.


Am 0.54 in range

PM 0.25 Low

DHEA: Cortisol ratio 0.93 Low

So a mixture of both this time. Whats that saying about the condition of my adrenals!? lol

I took no glandulars or CT3M on the day of this test.

In their comments they suggest i am in Resistance Stage 1

Any advice most welcome...


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My results showed 'maladaptation'. The problem is you won't find anyone in the NHS to help you and this is a difficult thing to treat yourself. We all know the stuff about eating right, resting, avoiding stress, but in the real world with work pressures, etc it is difficult.

Even though i switched to ndt and feel better in some ways, i am not 100% and still have adrenal fatigue

aLL advice i can offer is - eat often to keep blood sugar stable. Do what you can to support your thyroid ie the right meds and the right dose: your adrenals get stressed when your thyroid is not getting what it needs


yeah and i do that BD! :0/ It seems so complicated and unobtainable at times hey.

Whats maladaption?


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