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Help with adrenal stress results please

Hi, I hope the attachments can be seen. I've not tried this before. I'm on T4/T3 combo and have been for several years, but continued to have symptoms, so a couple of years ago I went to see one of the docs on the TUK list for some help. I've done 3 adrenal stress tests, the first in Feb 2013 and the third Aug 2014 and the results are below. The second test is in my private doc's records, but I seem to remember him saying they were worse than the first. My doc has had me on DHEA for several months, and it looks to me like the third test shows things are worse rather than better. He says however, I should continue to take DHEA as well as the Nutri Adrenal I'm on, but I'm not so sure so I've stopped DHEA. I wonder what others think? The symptoms are rapid heart beat, extreme anxiety, worsening of tinnitus and sinus pain and feeling as if my head's going to explode! I should go back to the doc, but I'm afraid I've lost a bit of faith in him now, and would be grateful for your views. Many thanks, LB

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No, sorry cannot see the attachments. :-(


sorry I thought they were attached. I don't know what else to try! LB


Type your test results into a post? Could be long-winded but it will work.


Thank you humanbean, will do that this morning.


Hi lisabax.

Hope you don't mind me asking ... Why did you have 3 tests and what were the test called ? I am waiting for results but recently had a short synathacen test. I started on 25 mcg of Levo thyroxine in nov 2012 with two increases last year and two this year last in April 125 mcg. I started buesrelin nasal spray for IVF on the 20th July and now take the injection and finally started the stim meds Friday evening so on day 4 today,

I have terrible fatigue and have had a lot of migraines, my bp is of concern now to. So much going on just wanting to feel like the old me again. The endo said if all tests are ok May supplement me with t3 .... Want to find out more about NDT as believe it has better results as it has t1,2,3 in it all your body needs.

Did you have any probs when you started supplementing with T3 ?

Thanks x


I had three tests over two years to see if there was any change in my cortisol levels over time because my adrenal function seemed to be declining in spite of being on T3 as well as T4. I took the Genova adrenal saliva test which is private and you get a discount If you do it through TUK. The test is not recognised by the NHS though. When I first started taking T3 I was much better for quite a while before things started to decline again. LB


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