HRT & thyroxine

I have an under active thyroid. I mentioned to my Dr that I had stopped taking HRT as it had been mentioned it was contra indicated with thyroxine. He was a little irritated and told me it was only theoretical. I did NOT remind him I was taking Premarin which is specifically identified as contraindicated, so perhaps he misunderstood, but is it specifically Premarin and if so what are the alternatives. I am developing Osteoporosis. Is there information that I can direct my GP to?

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I don't know enough to answer your question about Premarin specifically, but I can tell you that I was put on HRT in December and I don't think it has 'interfered' with my Levo and T3. I was prescribed Oestrogel and Testogel - both topical and so I don't have to worry about timings etc with Levo/T3 and all the supplements I take :)

I'm 45 and had a hysterectomy last year. Was diagnosed hypo last April and was put on HRT 8 months later. The HRT has made all the difference :) I was feeling a bit 'rubbish' again recently and blood tests revealed that my testosterone level was high so I reduced the amount I apply daily and I am back to feeling quite well again. Testogel isn't licensed in the UK for use in women and every time I get a repeat prescription the Pharmacist calls me in to check I know it's a male hormone :)

Patches are also available, but I don't know about them either so hopefully somebody else will be able to advise x

You'd think a pharmacist would know that women need testosterone too, wouldn't you!

Oh you should have seen the look on her face - I couldn't be cross :)

thank you. I only take Levothyroxine, what is the T3 for? I have no faith in the Drs when it comes to thyroid issues.

T3 is the active hormone. Our bodies should convert Levo (T4) into T3 - but of course a lot of people don't - or not enough. There are so many good posts on here about T3 that I won't (and probably can't) try and explain. Look up posts by Paul Robinson to start with

thank you, Pinpink. I will do some homework on here.

I was forced to take HRT because of endometriosis and having ovaries removed at 36 and then full Hysterectomy at 42. I was put on an Estraderm patch which does not have to be metabolised through the liver. I am still on Estradot which hopefully still gives me some protection for my bones.

I'm really interested to hear about your topical Oestogel and Testogel Pinpink. You say they were prescribed to you was that privately or via your GP?

Gels were prescribed by Endo (who I saw privately) because Levo didn't seem to alleviate all of my hypo symptoms and I happened to say that I don't get cold, I am usually warm. I hadn't had any other menopause symptoms but Endo asked GP to do all the necessary blood tests. GP then phoned me to say levels were low but instead of getting mixed opinions would let the Endo prescribe, which he did. I get the medication on the NHS via my GP. I now see the same Endo on NHS. Endo was really surprised that Gynae hadn't done any blood work.

What confused the matter for a while was how so many symptoms overlap - it was only the fact that I don't really get cold. I'm so glad the Endo asked for the tests because it really did make a difference to me once I was on the medication.

I apply the gel daily to my upper arms and apart from not being able to dress for about 10 minutes no other side effects. My husband describes it as being "well gel" :)

That's brilliant! I have been looking for some time for a replacement for my Estradot which I really need to stop taking due to another condition. It would seem to me this could be a perfect solution so I will do some research. That's two blogs this morning that could have changed the course of my medical direction at the moment. Thank you again. Xx

Glad I could help :) xx

I had an hysterectomy when I was 36, I am now 47 and I have been using HRT patches for the last year,they are fine with my levo.

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