Just recieved my latest blood test, please advise?

I am waiting for my GP to refere me to a privated Endo, wont be until next week, However I recieved these results and was told normal, I am not completely behind the door but these results dont say normal to me? so upset with battling, getting there though.

Serum TSH level 6.60 mu/L

Serum FT4 level 16.50

8 weeks ago I was 0.01 TSH with high FT4 and FT3, then I had another blood test, which was 3.78 4 week ago.

I cant wait to see another private endo, I wouldnt mind but I am not on any medication and I feel awful.

comments appreciated as always x

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  • At that TSH level my periods had stopped and my GP finally agreed to put me on levo. GPs are supposed to take your symptoms into consideration. I just hope the endo takes some action. Good wishes.

  • Your TSH is above the normal range, but your T4 is within range. Clearly your T4 is too low for you otherwise your TSH wouldn't be so high. I can certainly see why you are feeling so unwell.

    Your fluctuations look like a good indicator for antibody tests and your GP should do them. Normal people's thyroid function fluctuates only by small amounts. Please argue for these tests as it looks like you may have an autoimmune thyroid disease.

    I hope you get referred to a good endo and you get the treatment you need.

    Carolyn x

  • Thanks Carolyn, Yes my antibodies are high, only the thyroblobulin antibodies, the TPO was normal. However having done loads of reading only one antibody needs to be high, TPO or Thyroglobulin as a indicator pf Autoimmune D ( hashimotos) but the docs wont listen to me. I have logged with the Gp today a 15 page a4 letters showing that my TSH fluctuates widly and so my antibodies.

    I dont think I will be the favorite of the month at the surgey, I felt ill on 2.37 or 0.1 no matter what levels I still have aweful days, like you said it is Autoimmune related, lets hope my private refferal is accepted, surely such a big jump is a indicator somethings wrong.

    especially with a goitre, well will keep you informed next week.

    thanks xx

  • I hope your referral goes through and you get some help. This reliance on blood tests is getting ridiculous and dangerous! These doctors need to start using their brains again instead of just comparing levels to a "normal" range. Anyone can do that! Blood tests are an indication. We are all different.

    Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

    Carolyn x

  • sorry Carolyn quick question, when you say my t4 is to low for me because my TSH is high, can I ask please what you mean? also could you tell me what is the normal TSH, t3 and t4 range or point me to a web page that I can undersand.

    thanks again x

  • Basically, we all have different "normal" levels for us. If your TSH is high, this is likely because your thyroid hormone levels are too low, or at least have been in the last few days. Although your T4 is in the normal range, it is possibly not "normal" for you, just like being 5ft4 is a normal height but it's not "normal" for me ;) It could also be that your T3 is low. This might indicated adrenal insufficiency which is very common in thyroid patients - also something ignored by UK doctors :(

  • TSH

    0.35 – 4.5

    0.35 – 4.5 looked on web for references ranges. thanks for all your help xx


    Free T4

    11 – 24

    11 – 24


    Free T3

    4.0 – 6.8

    4.0 – 6.8


  • Hi I would say from that you definitely need T4 along with T3, most endo`s would agree as keen on T3, you may even need a little more T4 However, it all depends on how you feel ( rotten) and the 3 blood tests. You must always ask for the ranges as nearly all bloods different at different Labs and no way of knowing without the ranges.I hope that helps.

    If Endo good, I am afraid patience is a virtue!!!Endo will also do the relevant tests needed which could be effecting the Thyroid, especially the hormonal ones, In the mean time I would ask GP to do iron/ferritin, so if needed you could start treatment.

    Best wishes,


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