Overview of Recovering with T3 and CT3M

I've just put up a new blog post, which contains an overview of 'Recovering with T3' and CT3M in both English and Swedish. It it probably the best overview I've written so far and should be helpful to those who would like and introduction to my work.

The link may be found on my Facebook book announcement page: facebook.com/recoveringwitht3

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p.s. for those who need the direct link here it is:


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Thanks for that.

I bought your book and am feeling a lot better following your idea of taking thyroid meds early, (just before the circadian peak of T3 in people without thyroid disorders) ie ~ 5am, 4 hours before I wake up.

Personally though, after trying different combinations, I have discovered that I need a big chunk of my thyroid meds in the form of Levo. I think my current dose is right for me: 100 mcg Levo and 10mcg T3.

What I am getting at is basically that it is useful to know about the circadian rhythm and interconnections with eg adrenal output, which you cover in your book, but that not everyone will do well on T3 alone. A combination of your method with other things might be best for some.

Thanks again for your effort and amazing contribution to thyroid knowledge and health.


Hi Koala,

I wrote the book to provide a sound documented method and background information for those people who need to use T3. I have ALWAYS said that T3 only is just one of the treatments. Some people do well on natural desiccated thyroid only, some on T4/T3, even a few are well on synthetic T4 only. So, although I believe that with effort T3 can be made to work quite well for most people T3 remains the most difficult thyroid treatment to use correctly. Where possible T4, T4/T3 or NDT should be used.

I fully support your intelligent use of T4/T3 and many people do indeed use the CT3M method described in RWT3 in the way you are doing so or with NDT or NDT combined with T3.

Thank you for your feedback Koala - I appreciate it!

Hi Paul

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Louise :-)

I thought I had :)

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hmm, interesting! :-)

Can you report it via green feedback please - ta.


Where's that Louise?

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Hi Paul

HU Tech are looking into this problem. In the meantime, if you don't have the link you can send a message to Alex, Vinay or LoraS.


Yeah spoke to Vinay already Louise - he has enough info to look at this now. Ta!

Thanks Paul - I will be printing this off and taking it to my endo for his information. I have found CT3M to be life-changing :)

Thank you Clare! Hope your endo is not super-closed minded.

Hi Paul, it seems there's any kind of problem with that very post, as i'm not able to load it at all.

It appears in the blog search results:


'tough the rest of the articles are even from that results link this post is not accesible either

I don't seem to be able to edit the original comment but the link is:


... I know this works because I have just been on it.


This editor is stripping out some of the link:

You need to put http://

then recoveringwitht3.com/blog/recovering-t3-book-overview.

The problem is that the editor here is removing part of the link for some reason.



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