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Appointment with GP (TO BEG ONE LAST TIME)

I have managed to finally get a sacred 'non urgent' appointment with a different GP to my own for thursday morning. I am going armed with my borderline results from Blue Horizon Medicals :-

(I have posted these before so apologies for those who may see again)

TOTAL THYROXINE(T4) 97 nmol/L 59 - 154


FREE THYROXINE 13.7 pmol/l 12.0 - 22.0

FREE T3 4.0 pmol/L 3.1 - 6.8



Thyroglobulin Antibody 18.8 IU/mL 0-115(Negative)

Method used for Anti-Tg: Roche Modular

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 7.7 IU/mL <34 (Negative)

Method used for Anti-TPO: Roche Modular

I have compiled a concise list of sypmtoms/signs, but wondered if there is something that I should be focusing on re my health which might persuade him to help me, I am hoping for a trial of thyroid hormone and endo referral (pigs might fly) Which symptoms are more inmportant, I have so many. Is family history I.e mother with cond, some of her sister and my female cousins a fact to push with?

This is the list I am taking to discuss and provide doctor with,

Health History

Mother and female family members have thyroid, early menopause and osteoperosis history

I contracted Glandular Fever in teenage years

Had grey hair by the time I was 19

My second teeth failed to grow enamel, also all wisdom teeth impacted, even after four teeth removed in teens to make room as already over crowded

Very heavy periods in teens, large clots / diagnosed endometriosis

Both pregnancies left me feeling wretched, no ‘blooming phase’ just tired right through weight rocketed.

2004 -2011 very heavy periods returned , flooding, clots etc

2011/2012 periods changed again, less heavy spotting much longer.

I have suffered repeat U.T.I ‘S currently under Urology/ antibiotic post intercourse


Extreme Tiredness/ lack of energy/ struggle to get out of bed, drowsy through day/ sleep on sofa

Steady weight gain, diet not productive.

Dry skin, repeat periods of extreme itching/ patches of eczema

Very dry eyes, gritty sore. Using hyper mellose and other remedies.

Itchy scalp.

Hair coarse and brittle/ dull

Eyes- often reported high pressures at optician appointments.

Sun allergy since teens, worsening, itching of any part of exposed skin becoming more severe.

Sunlight makes eyes stream also hurts to go out without sunglasses.

Constipation, regular phases of 4-5 days without going to the toilet, use senna regularly.

Period changes, since 2004 extremely heavy, flooding, clots, 2011/12 changed, much lighter, but spotting longer.

Feeling very cold all over, heating on when others are very warm, lots of layers, sat against radiator in the evening, not wanting to remove coat when home until after tea (warm for a brief period after eating)

Cold hands and feet

Bloating of stomach, getting better since taking probiotics

Headaches increased over last few months, tension, sometimes with aura. More around period .

Very dry mouth, concerned about breath. Mouthwash 2/3 times a day.

Arms ache after minimal activity, eg, shoulder bag , drying hair

Headache or dizzy feelings if on feet a long while, feel quite ill when out shopping or standing in a bar or watching something.

Poor memory (short term) embarrassing at work.

Loss of libido

PMS moods, breasts extremely tender

Aching joints, lower back

Ears constantly feel like they have infection, itch so much inside and out.

Whistling/ whooshing sound in ears

Hunger cravings, salt, bread, potatoes chocolate.

Zero tolerance to alcohol, feel drunk after few glasses, progressed to headache shortly after first drink and hangover next day after just one glass.

some of my symptoms run with early menopause, and I dont want him to try and label this as the only problem, when infact I believe my sy,ptoms have worsened over last few years over this time period. I spent a year on microgynon in a bid to remedy peri menopause (last year as advised by the doc) but within 5/6 months felt wretched, nausea, vomitting and all symptoms worsened except periods) Also had smooth muscle antibodies found in blood, which I believe represented stress impact on my liver from the pill.

Came of the pill december, nausea and vomiting disappeared, other symptoms remain

Long post to get your heads around but wanted to ask in good time and provide plenty of info.

Thanks guys x

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I am not medically qualified but will say that you have classic symptoms and signs hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, it would seem that they do not know what they are. This is a link re female problems.

The fact that your family history has relatives with the same condition he should take into consideration. These are another couple of links and the first I think you have more or less covered above.

Look forward to knowing how you get on and keep calm. You know more than the GP probably by now.


Thank you for the links shaws :), can only get bottom two to open at the moment but I'm at work with rubbish signal, the diagnosis chart is good, it shows any TSH above 2 to be looked at with T3 and T4 results! That is a good start :) Will update when I've been on Thursday . Keeping my fingers crossed because I'm sick of feeling rubbish!


Sorry but have to ask..... Why do you think it's your thyroid that's the issue if your results are "so good"? They are all in range aren't they?

Perhaps an adrenal issue or CFS?



I will never know for sure until it's taken further, but I don't believe 2-59 is a particularly good TSH result, also the others are in the bottom of their ranges too, so for now this is the biggest likelihood for me :(


Not really "so good" despite being in range.


That's really quite interesting regarding how they relate to one another !


I wonder what Dr P would say? Am I correct in thinking T4 and T3 seem low, near the bottom end of the range? It will be difficult to get your GP to treat you on the basis of your tests, even though if you lived elsewhere (the US for example) your TSH would be considered high (I can't remember if the 'normal' range goes to 3 or 3.5 in the US, but you'd be considered on the high side in any case).


Yes punctured bicycle,they are both low in their 'acceptable' ranges so I'm hoping this might help when discussing with GP, I have read so much recently in a bid to educate myself and be able to stand my ground with GP, but i hope I won't need to. Private consultation might be my only option that we can ill afford, but I can ill afford to risk my health either. Thank you for the links too :)


hi there femme1 , don't forget that you can always request , from your gp , a referral to a specialist , and if he/she is no or little help you can INSIST on a second opinion to an nhs trust of your choice through the 'choose and book 'system'-------this can be to ANY HOSPITAL/CLINIC within the nhs in the country...good luck ....alan


Thanks Alan I will certainly keep that fact in mind ! :)


just think ,if everyone on this site knew what they were entitled to 'IF THEY PUSHED ' and didn't accept what they were TOLD by so called 'experts' / 'specialists' ......we would all get a reasonable proper treatment for our problems.........N I R V A N A ........we will get there girl


May I give a little advice, it's a big list and I know pretty much that the doctor's eyes will glaze over if you present that. May I suggest that you present the list but highlight the main symptoms that you are concerned about. This will enable him/her to focus a bit more on the more troubling symptoms. I would remove anything that may have no relevance such as Wisdom teeth being impacted and overcrowded teeth. Maybe heavy periods and when they changed, ears itching for instance. I hope you don't mind me mentoning this, it is all important to you and you can mention thesethings later but as a first impression the shorter the better. I know the medical profession and they like short and precise.


Hi phoebs, thanks for advice , good point ! I found a website a few days ago that discussed hereditary / genetic hypothyroidism and children born of mother's with thyroid problems, will attach link when I get to the computer. It as very informative to say the least, discussing implications from birth, such as poorly developed and over crowded teeth, period mayhem at puberty, early grey hair etc etc, there were loads of signs that read like a case history of my life, and rather alarmingly both my daughter's too, so I put all the ' markers' on the list. You have a point though, I don't want to drown him with info he may not already even be aware of ! Will have a look and revise the list. :) thanks for the tip.


I'm so glad you were not offended. I only mentioned this because you have to take into consideration the fact that you won't know this doctor and therefore he may be one of the ones who look at a list and immediately dismiss what you are there for. They are out there and that's what they do sometimes. He might be a great GP and will then be interested in every little detail and that's when you will know whether he's good or not.


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