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Very painful throat. Quite unwell. Is this an attack of thyroiditis? Anything I can do about it?

Was beginning to feel slightly better though not symptom free. Latest bloods TSH 3.8 (0.34-5.5), FT4 9.1 (7.5-19), FT3 4.9 (3.8-6). Am on 50mcg Levothyroxine and Vit D and iron. I have Hashimotos. Fell horribly ill and spent 4 days of Easter in bed - sore throat felt a bit like tonsillitis but lower in throat, absolutely no energy hardly able to move. Although tiredness has improved I still have a horribly painful throat - can't sleep, feels like someone is strangling me! What is this and can I do anything about it?

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A good private GP told me a while back that our throats are our weak points - those who have Hashimoto's. So we are susceptible to tonisilitus. He said said we may often feel irritation around our throats to the point of not being able to wear a scarf,

My personal view is that you may be undermedicated. Do you have other hypoT symptoms?

I know when the NHS was mismanaging my thyroid, i felt awful with a so-called mid range tsh according to nhs ref ranges, which i have now thrown out the window.


The symptoms you describe, together with these test results certainly suggest that an increase in thyroid medication is warranted.


When I was diagnosed with thyroiditis my T4 levels went through the roof and TSH plummeted, so it doesn't sound as though you have it. Your readings seem to indicate insufficient medication and possibly someother sort of throat infection.


Possibly acute thyroiditis, yes. But see and Endo if you can. I have an under active thyroid, so am normally on levothyroxine 175mcg, although recently started T3 with Levi trial (not sure yet - will get back to you!) but last year I had the painful front of my neck/ throat (my brother had had thyroid cancer 3 years before, the genetic type; so I was worried it was that.)

But yes, it turned out to be Acute Thyroiditis, lasted about 5 weeks and usually your tests go hyper before going back to hypo. My referral was not quick enough to have results, but it was very unpleasant, I couldn't wear polo necks and lying down was very very difficult to breathe.

My Endo said it had nothing to do with having an under active thyroid though. It was just bad luck.

I am fine now though! (Well, back to how I was!)


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