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thyroid peroxidase antibody level

My thyroid peroxidase antibody level is currently at a value of 1184 which is very high. I take levothyroxine daily and my results for my thyroid function test has come back within the normal range. However I have been trying to have a baby for some time without success and having done research I know that thyroid antibodies can effect fertility and even cause miscarriage. Does anybody know how I can lower my antibody levels I am already taking selenium but this doesnt appear to be working.

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Do you know what your TSH levels are? For pregnancy they need to be around 1-2.


my tsh level is 1.98.


I might be wrong, but I don't think your antibody level is really the issue here. Much more important is the amount of thyroid hormone that your body has available to use. A thyroid function test that's simply 'within the normal range' is not sufficient. As Muffy has said, your TSH needs to be below 2.

So you need to find out what your actual TSH result is, and if it's above 2, then your GP needs to increase your dose of thyroxine.

There is a medical paper about thyroid levels and pregnancy somewhere but I can't recall where at the moment. If I find it, I'll come back here and let you know.


my TSH level is below 2 its currently at 1.98. I have done allot of research in this area and I know high thyroid antibodies can effect fertility, cause miscarriage and cause IVF failure. I wondered how I might lower these antibodies apart from taking selenium.


In your situation, I would be asking to try an increase in thyroid medication to take your TSH down to 1 or even slightly below.

There doesn't seem to have been enough attention paid by the medical researchers to the issue of lowering antibodies. Most thyroid patients never have antibody levels tested again once they're diagnosed, as it's not considered to have any relevance. Hence no-one really knows how to achieve this.

Yes, selenium is suggested, but clearly that's not working for you. That's why I would be paying more attention to your thyroid hormone levels. Without an appropriate amount of thyroid hormone, all other hormones are likely to be out of balance too.


ok thanks for your advise I will work on lowering this.


This is squite interesting!

Maybe just a few points less on your TSH results and you would feel better. It would be intesting to know what your FT4 result is and also FT3 if tested.


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